9 Strategies On How To Grow Your Email List Fast With Opt In Freebies

So you probably already know the importance of list building, but how to grow your email list FAST?

The secret lays in knowing the best places and methods to showcase your opt in freebie so you can capture different segments of your audience.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 9 strategies on how to grow your email list fast with opt in freebies. 

how to grow your email list fast with opt in freebies

Disclosure: Some of the links in the article contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through one of the links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make free content. I will only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!

#1.  Pop-up box

I know what you are thinking… the annoying pop-ups! They can be so intrusive and spammy.

But ask yourself, how many times have you subscribed to a pop-up in exchange for something valuable?

Pop-ups are not dead.

When done right, Pop-ups work!

So here are the 3 elements to keep in mind when creating pop-ups for your freebie.

  1. It stands out with a good design and inviting colours.
  2. Ensure readers only see the pop-up once when visiting the specific page or post.
  3. Time appropriately. Consider readers’ experience, decide the most appropriate time for the pop-up to show up.


This one from Leanne Wong, meets all the above 3 best practices, which makes an effective yet non-intrusive pop-up.

How to build email list fast - pop up box

#2. Full page pop-ups

This is a growing trend that’s proven to be very effective by many top marketers. Rather than a box that pops up in the middle of the page, this takes the entire viewing screen – screaming for your attention.

Annoying – yes they can be too!

Effective – yes they can be too – when done right.

Unless you are an experienced marketer, I will stay away with this option at the start.

But here is an example done right by online marketing mogul Marie Forleo.


#3. Feature box

A feature box is a full-width email opt-in box – Perfect place for your freebies.

Do you know that feature box has the highest opt in rate when it comes to how to grow your email list fast? (see graph below)

How to build email list fast

Remember email list is the best way to keep your audience to come back to your site.  If the feature box is the most effective out of all strategies, it deserves the prime real estate of your website – at the very top of your homepage. This will give the best chance for your freebie to stand out.


Here is an example from What’s Katie Up To. This makes a great feature box as she utilized a picture, information on what the Freebie is about, and a clear call to action. 

How to build email list fast - feature box example

#4. Content upgrade

A content upgrade is a freebie that usually used as a sign-up form inside of a blog post to provide more value to the specific post.

I really like this strategy as it is specific. When placed as part of your blog post, it flows well with the content and is less intrusive than some other forms.


This is an example where I offer one of my popular freebies to compliment my blog post: 13 SEO tips for your Blog – The Best Way to Increase Blog Traffic for Free. 

You can download your FREE SEO checklist here too:

#5. Landing pages

A landing page also called “Lead capture page”, is a stand-alone webpage on your site that is designed to convert visitors to subscribers by using a freebie in exchange for email addresses.

This is a great tool to capture traffic via social media or for a promotional freebie during a launch.


This landing page from Hello Fresh ticks all the boxes in terms of a converting landing page. 

It effectively uses blocking to separate important sections. With the feature box on top, it shows you the benefits of the product in the next section, followed by a further call to action.  The pictures are attractive for visualization of the products. 

#6. Sidebars

You can promote your freebie more than more place on your website. Sidebars is one that usually gets overlooked.

If you are using a feature box on your homepage, make sure you place the form on the sidebars of your posts too, to capture those who land on a specific page directly instead of the homepage.


It doesn’t have to be complicated. One like below from Easy Blog Emily will get the job done. 

How to build email list fast - sidebar

#7. Slideshare

Slideshare, owned by LinkedIn, is a tool that allows you to use a presentation as a lead magnet. 

This is a little hidden gem. … Yet it has huge potential when it comes to how to build your email list fast.


In this example, at the presentation deck, it has a built-in call to action button for the opt-in freebie. 

To learn more about Slideshare, check out this blog post from socialmediaexaminer.com.

How to build email list fast - slideshare

#8. Collections

This is a strategy that offers multiple freebie options for your audience to choose from.

Not only that the audience gets to pick the one that is most valuable to them, in return, this will also help you to segment subscribers to different categories. So you can email each category to meet their specific needs in the future.


This is a great example from the list building queen Amy Porterfield

How to build email list fast - collection

#9. Social videos

Social videos include YouTube, Facebook live, Snapchat and Instagram stories. Find ways to talk about your freebie in the social video and make sure there’s a sign-up button or a link to capture the leads. One of the most effective social videos is Facebook live, due to its feature to turn a live video into a recording. So you can be collecting leads daily beyond the live event.


Here’s TV host and New York best-selling author  Mel Robins offering a freebie to join her 2019 #MindsetReset program. 

Not only she mentioned at the beginning and at the end of the video, but also you can find the link in the description below the video. 

How to build email list fast - social video

So here you have it – 9 strategies on how to grow your email list fast with opt in freebies.

Over to you…

Out of the 9 strategies

  1. Pick 2 that you don’t already have
  2. Incorporate them to your website

Don’t worry about being perfect at the start, you can always improve them later! 

Remember, the only pace to grow your email list is – FORWARD! 

Don’t have an opt-in freebie yet and need some ideas? 

Head to my post where I share 7 opt in freebie ideas for beginners to build your email list

This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Christine

    I have been looking for ways to increase my email list. This is a great post, I’m glad I found it! 

    Your first point, pop ups, I agree that they need to be done well. If they are not, I find them very annoying. I don’t like them to take over the whole screen and finding myself in a mission impossible to close the thing. But following your tips, you can make a good pop up. That’s true.

    Feature boxes are great! Maybe I should use that for my website. You just gave me a good idea 🙂 I didn’t know that you could use slide share. I would like to know more about that. Are there any training courses? I’ll definitely check out your article about freebie ideas!

    1. Chloe

      Hi Christine, 

      Glad to hear that are able to take some helpful nuggets from this post. 

      To answer your question on training courses for Slideshare, here’s a video tutorial.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdyACBsgv_4

      Hope you can take advantage of the freebie too. 


  2. Samikingss

    This topic is a very interesting one and I’ve always had headaches about it. Growing email lists is no easy feat. 

    Learning from you today has really opened my eyes, I now know steps to take to better build my email list.  

    I appreciate the way you have detailed everything, pop ups are very important and unique, I have attempted to delete some pop ups in the past only for me to get a glimpse of its heading and knew right away there is something in it for me. 

    Now these freebies should be tempting enough for one to opt in willingly. 

    Your method is what I will follow and I am sure I can really grow my list really big and fast. 

    1. Chloe

      I hear you, building an email list is not easy but one that’s worth spending time on. 

      The results may vary on your particular website from these strategies, and it’s a matter of time to try what works and what does. 

      Thanks for stopping by and hope this was helpful. 


  3. Parameter

    Honestly, I always prefer the use of landing pages for capturing email list, for me the pop-ups always look like an aggressive marketer want to get my email by force, while the landing pages look like someone with content wanting to offer value.
    I like the way you describe side bar, we always overlook it, but it works very well too.

    1. Chloe

      Thanks for sharing your experience on different strategies on how to grow email list fast. 

  4. Newton

    As a new blogger, I know it’s not right to start building email list right from the start. So what’s the minimum amount of traffic should one be getting before starting out to build an email list?

    1. Chloe

      Great question. I don’t think it’s ever too early to start building your email list. If you have 10, start nurturing them now, for 2 reasons. 1) this will help you to sharpen your copywriting skills 2) Starting the communication with your targeted audience and understanding what they are interested, so you can tailor your content towards what they are looking for.
      Hope this help.

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