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Opinionated and not camera shy? In this VoxPopMe review, you will learn a new way to earn some quick cash, perfect for those who are always on the go.  

I’ve tried many money-making survey sites and apps over the years, while some of them are paid OK, the problem is that I don’t usually have a chunk of 10-20mins to sit down and do them. 

… but as of late, I might have just found my favourite survey app to earn quick cash – VoxPopMe.

Not only is it quick and easy to use, but also it compensates well for your time. A few seconds here and there answering a couple of questions on video throughout the week, you are on the way to have a nice little stash of cash. And it’s fun too!

So if you are like me, who enjoys getting paid from taking surveys but don’t have the time, VoxPopMe might be perfect for you too. 

But before you rush to download the app, here’s the VoxPopMe Review on what you need to know to get paid taking video surveys… 

What is VoxPopMe?  

VoxPopMe a FREE mobile app that you can earn money from taking video surveys. The app is available for both Apple and Android users from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. 

VoxPopMe Limited is a consumer survey company, registered in the UK since 2013. It conducts market research for a wide range of businesses like Sky, CLOROX, ASDA, and Shell by inviting individuals to participate in the VoxPopMe app surveys and short video responses. In return, the participants get paid when video responses are submitted successfully. 

Is VoxPopMe Safe? 

VoxPopMe is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for the purpose of data protection law, including the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). 

The app collects your personal information including Name, Email, Gender, DOB, Location during the registration. This is on a voluntary basis and VoxPopMe will only use that information lawfully. Additional data such as occupation, number of children, and relationship status will be captured in the profile setting during registration only if a user is happy to provide. 

VoxPopMe is ISO 270001 certified for externally validating the robustness of data security. 

You can find the full details on what VoxPopMe collects, uses and protects your data from its Privacy Policy

Earn Money Taking Video Surveys with VoxPopMe – How Does it Work? 

Earning money with VoxPopMe is really simple.  Follow the 4 easy steps, you will be on your way to get paid: 

1. Download app

VoxPop is available for both iPhone and Android users. Download – use this link for both of us to earn an extra £1

2. Register and create your profile

Once you download the app and swipe through the welcome screen, you will be asked to log in or sign up. 

To sign up, you can either use your Facebook account or email address. When using a Facebook account, it will auto-populate most of your personal information. I took the email sign up option (see in the tips section), it still only took me a couple of minutes. 

During the registration process, you will be asked to fill out some personal information like name, email address, gender, DOB etc., and additional information if you are willing to share which will help them to profile you for surveys. 

3. Take your video survey 

Once you are registered and created your profile, you are ready to earn some cash with video surveys. 

You will find some introductory video survey questions that you can immediately take part in, under the “Question” tab. 

For a paid survey, you will see a price you can earn for each. The pay varies slightly based on the subject. Every once in a while you will get a “Just For Fun” one which you won’t get paid. 

Choose the paid survey by clicking through one of them, it will bring a screen to tell you what questions you need to answer about the subject. 

Press the red dot in the bottom of the screen to start recording your answer. When finished, press the red dot again. This is very similar to taking a video with your smartphone. 

If you are not happy with your recording, you can choose the “Re-Recording” icon in the bottom. Once finished, you can press the “Upload” icon to submit your video. 

You are limited to a minimum 15sec, and maximum 1 minute for your video response. When uploading, it’s much quicker if you are using Wifi. 

Once a video is submitted, it takes up to a few hours to be approved before the amount shows in your “Wallet” icon. 

4. Get paid

VoxPopMe will pay you via PayPal when a £10 minimum threshold is met.

The PayPal account needs to be the same email address as the one you registered with VoxPopMe app. Otherwise, if you want to be paid via a different PayPal account, you will need to email, so they can manually process the request. Alternatively, you can change your email address to the same as your PayPal in your VoxPopMe app profile under the “Setting” icon.  

It will take up to 72 hours after you press the “CASH OUT VIA PAYPAL” button to receive your payment. 

Keep in mind, PayPal will charge a small fee for processing the payment. 

How Much Can You Earn Taking Video Surveys with VoxPopMe? 

Most of the video surveys pay between £0.25 to £0.63. I know it seems to be a very small amount, but you are literally getting paid for speaking for a few seconds. 

Based on my experience, I was averaging £10 a month from doing about 25 thirty-second videos, which is approximately 12 minutes in total. For me, this makes a nice guilt-free Starbucks coffee fund.  

In my opinion, VoxPopMe is well paid for your time, especially compared with traditional online surveys, you would only get paid £2-3 for a 12-minute long survey. 

My User Experience – VoxPopMe Review 

Ease of use

Signing up with VoxPopMe was really simple and quick. Even by registering by email only, it took me less than 2 minutes to fill out the rest of the details. 

The subject of the surveys are completely relevant to my life-style, therefore I found it very easy to offer my opinion to the questions. 

At the start, I was a bit conscious of recording videos of myself, but once I did a couple, I quickly got over with how I look in the video.  

However, I did follow the simple guidelines of how to make a good quality video (see in tips section), and I have not had any videos being rejected so far, despite the fact that I may be covered in sweat from a run or just rolled out of bed. 

… Which brings me to the point of why I love the concept of earning money from short video surveys. 

Ease of earning money

Because it is so quick and easy, I can squeeze a minute here and there to answer a quick question and get paid, versus having to find a big chunk of time that I don’t usually have. 

VoxMePop makes earning quick cash easy for someone who is always on the go and only has a few short moments throughout the day. 

Customer support 

Their customer support is pretty prompt and helpful. 

There were a couple of occasions that I had to contact customer service “contact support” from the Setting icon. Both times I got responses back via email on the same day. 

Bugs in the app

Just like all apps, the developers are constantly working through bugs. There is no exception to VoxPopMe. 

On two occasions I was getting error messages on the app, after deleting and reinstalling the app, the issue was resolved itself.

Getting paid

Getting paid via paypal is pretty painless. From my past experience, payments took less than 72hrs before being transferred to my PayPal account. 

VoxPopMe Referral Scheme: 

VoxPopMe has a referral program, where you can refer to a friend and both get rewarded with £1 after he/she submitted the first video response. 

I would spread the word anyway because I genuinely think it’s a great way to make some quick & easy money, but having a little incentive is always a nice gesture especially when we both can benefit from it. 

Sign up via this link for both of us to earn an extra £1

App store rating – VoxPopMe Review 

VoxPopMe is highly rated from both iTunes and Google Play stores, with over 4.7/5 star rating by over thousands. 

Looking through the reviews, most users have very positive feedback. The common complaints are the need for more surveys, occasionally on app being buggy, which I agree with.

However, I also think the ease of use and earning outweighs the downfalls.  

The Pros

  • It’s a FREE app to earn extra money by sharing your opinion
  • The signup process is very quick and simple.
  • The app is very easy to navigate
  • Responding with short videos are quick and easy perfect for busy people 
  • Well compensated for your time 
  • Customer support is quick and helpful

The Cons

  • The response is in video (this can be a downside for someone who is camera shy)
  • Surveys can be limited 
  • App can be buggy, you may need to delete and reinstall when if you encounter an error message 
  • PayPal charges a small fee for processing the payment (although this is a Con for Paypal not VoxPopMe) 

Top Tips to Maximise Earning From VoxPopMe App:

Here are a few tips to help you to maximising your earning from this video survey app: 

  • Sign up VoxPopMe with the email address as the one you use for your PalPay. This will avoid the complication later on when you are ready to transfer earnings to your PalPay account. 
  • Turn on the push notifications so you can snatch surveys as soon they  become available
  • Use Wifi when uploading your video response (much quicker)
  • Provide as much detail as you can when responding to a question
  • Try to speak for at least 15 seconds
  • Speak clearly
  • Avoid places with a lot of background noise when recording your response
  • Use good lighting when recording your video
  • Be sure your head and shoulders are clearly in shot
  • Ensure you wear a top (emmm, hopefully this goes without saying…)

Final Thoughts on Get Paid Taking Video Surveys – VoxPopMe Review 

So is VoxPopMe worth it? 

The short answer is YES. 

VoxPopMe is not going to make you rich. If that’s your goal, starting your online passive income business might be the way to go.

However, VoxPopMe is a great way to make some extra pocket money especially for those who don’t have the time and patience for traditional online surveys, and it’s much better compensated. 

Hope this VoxPopMe review is helpful.

I’ve been really enjoying using the app, not only it’s quick and easy to get paid voicing my opinion, but it’s FUN too! 

Give VoxPopMe a try, and have fun making some pocket money! 

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