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Want to get paid to use your phone? Find out the top 30+ best money making apps UK for 2022. 

If there is one financial lesson to learn from 2020, it will be to diversify your income. Regardless if you have a cushy corporate job, a stay at home mum, or working part-time, it’s always a smart idea to find other ways to bring additional income home because you never know what’s around the corner. 

Not everyone has the time to start a new side hustle, which is why I love these money making apps. You can earn some extra cash just by using your smartphone, perfect for people who are always on the go. 

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase. Please read the disclosure for more information.

What apps make you the most money? 

As they are so many types of money making apps, I’ve identified my top picks for each category:

Game Apps:

Get Paid To (GPT) Apps:

Cashback Apps:

Survey Apps:

Reciept Scanning Apps:

  • HuYu
  • ZipZero
  • Shoppix

Market Place for Selling Stuff Apps:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • eBay
  • WeBuyBooks

Earn Money Completing Tasks Apps:

Passive Income Apps:

  • Etsy
  • Pinterest
  • SlideJoy

Are there any legit apps to make money?

The short answer is yes. 

There are plenty of legit apps to make money, however, there are also a good amount that are straight up scams or just either don’t work for the UK or are too buggy…

To save you time and confusion, I have done the research, tried and tested over 30 of the best money making apps UK, so you can get paid with your phone with confidence. 

best money making apps uk

Best Game Apps UK 2022 

Let’s start with this fun category – the best game apps to get paid using your phone. You can make some extra cash playing these fun games. The best part is, that these games don’t require any work on your end. Simply download and play them all while earning real money.

1. Blackout Bingo

Whether you’re an avid bingo fan or new to the game, Blackout Bingo is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fun and competitive twist on a classic favorite. With more than 5 million players around the globe, blackout bingo has become a hugely popular online destination for players of all ages and experience levels.

What makes blackout bingo stand out from other games is its unique brand of strategy-based gameplay. Unlike traditional bingo, where success is largely determined by luck, blackout bingo puts you in control by allowing you to select your own cards and daub spots as quickly as possible. And with exciting boosts like power-ups and life-saving freeze cards available to help you win, there’s plenty of room for skillful play.

Whether you’re playing blackout bingo to win cash prizes or simply looking for a fun and engaging way to spend some time online, this game is sure to satisfy all your gaming needs.

2. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire cube is a modern take on classic solitaire that allows players to compete against one another for cash prizes.

With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of competition formats, this app has quickly become a favorite among gamers everywhere when it comes to earn free PayPal money.

Whether you’re looking to challenge your friends or test your skills in large tournaments, solitaire cube has something for everyone.

3. 21 Blitz

21 Blitz US (UK) is a mix of the popular games 21 (Blackjack) and Solitare where you can win real money.

You win by making 21’s or stacks of 5 cards to score points. The games use a single full deck of cards.

Finishing the deck before the 3 minute counter ends gets you a bonus, you can also look out for combos and streaks to maximize your bonus.

You can start off playing against real people for free, honing your skills, keeping your brain active or just for fun.

But if you want to earn you have to switch to cash games and compete. The app is part of Skillz portfolio and is available worldwide, but some countries and states in the US are not enabled for cash competitions

Please note! Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, IL, IN LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN. If you don’t live in a price-enabled region, you can still play for free.

Want more game apps like these? Here are 30 best game apps that pay instantly to PayPal will give you what you’re looking for.

Best “Get Paid To” (GPT) Apps UK 2022 

“Get Paid To” (GPT) apps are those where you can earn rewards in multiple ways such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, and playing games etc. 

Most of these apps are part of their companies’ online sites. So it’s best to register online before downloading the apps. While the apps will give you convenient ways to make money, the online sites often have more opportunities to earn rewards. 

4. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is well-known and been around since 2008. 

You can Swag Bucks (SB in short) by completing a wide range of tasks including taking surveys, watching videos and shopping to get cash back etc. 

So far I found signing up for free trials and taking surveys are the most effective way to earn SB. However, for most of the surveys, you have to fill out the pre-screening questions before being qualified for the actual survey, which can be disappointing if you don’t get it after spending the time. 

You can redeem SB from a wide range of stores or directly cash via Paypal. A £5 voucher from Amazon, Starbucks or Paypal is worth 700 SB. 

5. InboxPounds

InboxPounds is another GPT site where you can be rewarded by taking surveys, and other online activities. The App version is currently only available for taking surveys. 

You can get £1 as soon as you sign up online. From there the surveys are worth a minimum of 10p depending on the length. You can also earn points by opening emails they send to you, and subscribing to magazines. The offers change frequently, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for good opportunities. 

Best Cashback Apps UK 2022 

For your online shopping, it will be a waste of un-earned cash if you don’t take advantage of these cashback apps. 

All you need to do is to open your cashback app and find the store that you are about to buy from. By making a purchase through the store link from the app, you will get the cash back from the app. 

Best money making apps UK

Here are the highly rated moneymaking apps UK for cashback category: 

6. Quidco

Quidco was voted UK’s #1 cashback service in 2012 -2015 & 2018 at the Consumer Moneyfacts awards. It was also rated Excellent by Trustpilot.  

While you can earn cashback from over 4,500 popular stores like Tesco, Very, Sky, it also offers a wide range exclusive of deals and offers from travel to home DIY to Broadband etc. Quido also has a very responsive customer service. 

7. TopCashback

TopCashback has been the main competitor to Quidco over the recent years. It took the crown of being UK’s top cashback service in 2016, 2017 and 2019 at the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards. 

While on an average, members save over £300 a year, it claims to be the UK’s highest paying cashback site. 

A healthy competition of the 2 cashback apps means good news for us. It’s always worth it to check out both apps for the best deal especially when it comes to a big purchase. 

8. Shopmium 

Say goodbye to those paper coupons, that you never remember to bring with you! 

Shopmium is a supermarket cashback & coupon app. You can find hot deals on the app from all major supermarkets. 

All you need to do is to find products/deals you’d like to buy from the supermarket using the geolocation feature, then purchase the product in store. Finally submit a picture of your receipt on the app and scan the product’s barcode. You will get the cashback in your Paypal within 2 working days. 

Another feature that I love about Shopmium is that you can store all your loyalty cards within the app. 

Use my code w44z74 when you sign up to receive a FREEBIE when your first cashback request is accepted. 

9. GreenJinn

Similar to Shopmium, GreenJinn is another cashback app for your supermarket shopping. 

I prefer Shopmium slightly over GreenJinn simply because of the loyalty card storage feature, but I do use the GreenJinn app to check out exclusive deals. 

iPhone | Android

Best Survey Apps UK 2022

Taking surveys online is a great way to earn extra cash, in this category, I will be sharing with you the highest paid survey sites that are quick and easy to use? Perfect for someone who only has a few minutes to spare. 

Here are my top picks on the best moneymaking apps for surveys:

10. Influencer (previously called VoxPopMe )

Influencer is one of my favorite survey apps of all. As it is a video survey app, it takes me about 30sec. to record a video response to make extra cash. Check out my full review on how to get paid to take video surveys with Influencer here.

VoxPopMe is a survey app with a twist. Rather than taking surveys on the app, it asks you to submit videopinions™ in exchange for cash back via PayPal. 

Perhaps voicing your opinion by recording a short response is slightly unconventional as far as survey apps go, but VoxPopMe pays well for your effort. 

There are plenty of tasks available daily. For a few seconds recording a response, it pays you 25p. Longer tasks can go up to £2-3.  

While VoxPopMe is still a new app, started in Oct. 2019, it already has really good reviews both on Apple App store and Google Play store. I have been really enjoying making money with this app. 

11. Citizen Me 

Citizen Me is a survey app that has been around since 2018. 

People love Citizen Me app for the interesting surveys and it pays immediately after the survey is completed. You can get paid to your PayPal as little as 10p. As it also pays well, the most frequent complaints have been not enough surveys available. 

iPhone | Android

12. Toluna 

Toluna Influencer is a new survey app where you can earn points by taking surveys from research agencies and big brands from the products and services that matter to you. 

Most of the surveys range from 15 to 20 minutes. It also offers some short surveys available too. 

Within a month, I was able to rack up over 27,000 points by taking a dozen of long surveys and a handful of short ones, which got me a £5 Starbucks voucher (25,000 points worth). 

Gift vouchers are also available in popular stores like Amazon, Argos, Currys PC World, Costa and many more. You can also transfer money to the PalPal account too. 

Keep in mind, as Toluna is a relatively new app, there are a few bugs that the developer is still working through. 

iPhone | Android 

13. StreetBees 

StreetBees is another survey app that pays well. 

Once signed up, you can check the “stories” (surveys) that are available to you. You may have to complete a few qualifying stories before the paid ones. 

Completing a story usually takes about 2-5 minutes by taking an opinion poll, or snapping a photo, or even recording a video response.  

Once a story is approved, you can get paid up to £5 straight to your PayPal account. 

iPhone | Android

14. Curious Cat – Survey app

I love apps that pay straight to my PayPal account. Curious Cat is another one of those survey apps. The minimum payout is 100 points, which equates £1. 

Curious Cat is easy to use and there are plenty of surveys available on a daily basis. 

iPhone | Android

15. Google Opinion Rewards

As part of Google LLC, you can earn Google Play Store credit by completing short surveys from Google Opinion Rewards.

The app is quick and easy to use as you would expect from most of the Google products, this is not the highest-paid money making apps out there. Many users mark it down for limited surveys they can receive.


Best Receipts Scanning Apps UK 2022

Receipt scanning apps are one of the best moneymaking apps UK. Although it’s a slow burner, it’s just SO EASY. I like the fact that you can earn money from simply snapping photos of supermarket receipts. Plus, you can also use multiple apps to maximise the earning. 

16. HuYu 

HuYu is one of my favourite receipt scanning apps. 

Earning points with HuYu is simple and quick. 

Every store receipt is worth 5 points, and online order confirmation receipt is worth 10 points. You can also boost earning by filling out surveys, but they are limited. For every 500 points you can exchange for a £5 gift voucher. 

Although it takes a while to build up the points, for a couple of minutes of effort every week, you can earn enough money to treat yourself for a free coffee every now and then. 

iPhone App | Android App 

17. Shoppix

Shoppix is another receipt scanning app that I use to earn points on a weekly basis. 

Similarly to HuYu, the app is really easy to use. 

Every in-store receipt is worth 30 tokens if you scan it the same day, otherwise 25 tokens if it’s within 7 days of purchase. There are frequent 1-2min surveys and scratch cards to earn extra tokens as well. 

You can redeem your tokens for gift vouchers from Amazon, iTunes, Love2Shop or cash via PayPal account. Every £5 voucher will cost you 3200 tokens and 6000 tokens for £10. 

iPhone App | Android App

18. ZipZero

ZipZero works slightly differently than the other 2 apps mentioned above. Instead of earning points, it rewards you 0.5% of the value of any receipt, for any purchase at any shop. You can use the cash to pay your gas, electric, water or council tax bill each month. 

I love the fact that this isn’t limited to only supermarkets. So save the receipt next time when you make a purchase, and snap it away… 

iPhone App | Android App 

Best Selling Your Stuff Apps UK 2022 

Selling things that you no longer need is a fantastic way of making some extra money while clearing up the space. These days, a few apps are making selling online easy as chips! 

19. eBay

Can’t mention selling second hand stuff without the good-O eBay. I did a comparison experiment on selling used clothes online, eBay still comes out to be the best app.  

Head to eBay to sell your stuff online. 

20. Depop

Gaining traction especially amongst the younger generation, Depop is a social selling app best for anything fashion. 

iPhone | Android

21. Vinted

Vinted is another alternative app for selling, buying and swapping pre-loved clothes. There’s no fee to list your items, which means once your sale is gone through, you will receive the full profit. 

iPhone | Andorid

22. Facebook (Marketplace) 

For selling random house items, my go-to app is Facebook MarketPlace. 

I love FB Marketplace because it doesn’t charge you a selling fee as it doesn’t facilitate any transactions. Especially for large items like furniture, bikes that are best sold locally, I always manage to sell very quickly on FB Marketplace. 

Don’t miss out on these tips to sell more on Facebook Marketplace.  

23. WeBuyBooks

Got unwanted books collecting dust on the bookshelf? WeBuyBooks is an app that pays you for old books, CDs, DVDs, Blue-rays and games. 

All you need to do is to scan the barcode to get an instant price for the item. It’s also FREE postage. Payments are usually processed within 24 hours. 

iPhone | Android

24. Ziffit

Ziffit is the main rival to WeBuyBooks. You can sell books, CD, DVDs and games to Ziffit app. 

Personally I prefer WeBuyBooks as it’s easier to use, but I often cross check Ziffit with the same item in case it offers a better price. 

iPhone | Android

25. Music Magpie

Music Magpie is another option when it comes to selling old books, CD, DVD and games. It also takes back old phones, tablets and game consoles. 

When it comes to selling, be sure to check all 3 for the best offer. 

iPhone | Android

Best Earn Money Completing Tasks Apps UK 2022

You can get paid to use your phone to complete a range of tasks on the go. Here are the most highly rated money making apps UK for the tasks app category.

26. BeMyEye – Completing missions in stores near you

Formerly called Task 360, BeMyEye is an app that you can earn extra cash by completing missions in stores near you. 

The tasks range from snapping photos of products and promotions in the shop, talking to salesmen and answering a questionnaire, or taking a quiz. 

The average mission pays £5 for 10 minutes work, but some can pay up to £25. 

As this is another well paid mission based app, you will need to respond to the tasks pretty quickly as it will be snatched by others. 

27. Roamler – being a mystery shopper

Roamler is an app where you can earn money by being a mystery shopper. The tasks are available in supermarkets, bars, restaurants, petrol stations, and cinemas etc. 

The only downside is that this app is by invite only. It took me a few days to get an invite code from the Roamler UK Facebook page. 

Once signed up, you will be progressing through different levels. The higher level you are, the more tasks you will get. I reached Level 2 simply by going through a couple of training modules and quizzes within 5 mins of signing up.  From there, I was getting paid tasks every couple of days. 

While there might be a learning curve at the beginning, you can make from £2-£15 per task. 

Start mystery shopping and earn extra money >>> iPhone | Android

28. Usertesting

If you’re looking to earn little extra money, why not sign up to be a user tester? Usertesting is one of the best product testing apps, you can earn about £6 for every 20-25 minute test, and between £25-£100 for live interviews.

Best of all, you get to help shape the products and services that you use every day. So if you’re looking for ways to make extra cash, while getting your voice heard, Usertesing is worth a look. You get paid via PayPal.

29. Streetspotr – earning money doing “microjobs”

Streetspotr is an app where you can earn money from doing “microjobs”, which include taking photos of how a certain product is displayed at your local supermarket, or checking out a menu at a restaurant. 

While there can be more jobs for this app, these tasks are well paid. 

iPhone | Android

30. Field Agent – Mystery shopping app

As mysterious as it sounds, Field Agent is another mystery shopping app where you can earn money by completing tasks. Jobs generally pay between £3- £10.  

 iPhone | Android

31. JobSpotter – Snapping job postings from the shop window

JobSpotter is an app owned by indeed.com, where you can earn points by snapping photos of job postings adverts in the store windows when you are out. 

The App uses an algorithm to determine how “valuable” the posting is and reward points based on that. For example, a unique role from a small business is worth more than a generic posting from a large company. 

JobSpotter is one of the highest paying apps, however it may depend on the locations you live and how many job postings are available. It pays in Amazon gift cards. 

I like this app because you don’t have to wait for tasks to be available, you are in full control. You can also earn extra points by verifying others’ submission. 

Unfortunately, JobSpotter is closed due to COVID. 

32. Crowdville – Previewing products & services

Crowdville is still pretty new to the UK. Originally started in Italy, the app offers opportunities to make money from previewing products and services. 

The app creates a community feel for members where you can interact with other “crowders”. 

I’m still at an early stage of testing out this app, so I shall report back. 

iPhone | Android

33. Spare 5 

You can earn money with Spare 5 by snapping photos, writing questions for customer service bot etc. to help programmers to develop apps and technology. 

For the tasks completed, Spare 5 pays weekly anything over £1. 

Unfortunately, Spare 5 is currently not open to new members. 

34. Foap – selling your photo

Foap is an app where you can get paid to use your phone by selling photos. This app is free to join. Every time you sell your photo, the profit is split 50/50 between yourself and Foap, however you get 100% profit if you win a prize. 

iPhone | Android

Best Apps for Passive Income 2022 

I’m pretty passionate when it comes to making passive income, but do you know there are apps that can help you to do that? You can generate income while leaving them in the background running. 

35. Etsy

Etsy is a global online marketplace that focuses on unique and creative goods, often vintage items for handmade products by sellers. It has a “Sell on Etsy App” making it easy for sellers to manage their shops and communicate with customers.

Selling digital printable products on Etsy is a great way to make passive income. You make it once and can sell it as many times as you like, no need to worry about inventory, shipping and delivery.

I took this fantastic course on selling printables on Etsy to help me add an extra passive income stream.

36. Pinterest 

Pinterest is one of my favorite passive income making apps Although Pinterest doesn’t actually pay you money, you can use Pinterest to make as much as a full-time income through affiliate marketing. 

Intrigued? I have explained this in much detail here – how many people use their Pinterest skills as a virtual assistant.

37. SlideJoy

You can earn gift cards with this Android-Only app by using their lockscreen. That’s it! You simply go on with your day, and use your phone as normal. Once you earn enough “carats” you can exchange for gift cards from a wide range of stores. 


Top Tips to Get Paid to Use Your Phone on the Best Money Making Apps UK 

  • Sign up using a dedicated email address so your normal email doesn’t get bombarded by all the notifications. 
  • Cash-out as soon as you meet the minimum threshold. The money is much safer in your bank account, PayPal account or turned into gift vouchers. 
  • Be patient, it takes time to earn enough points before you can cash out. Remember, you are making money through these apps for FREE, so be consistent and slowly build up your points. 
  • If you are tight in time, pick apps that don’t take long to do. I love the receipt scanning apps because it takes a few seconds to scan my weekly shop receipts and I can earn points with multiple apps with the same receipt. 
  • Task apps are generally the highest pay money making apps but it does require some extra effort. 
  • When selling your items, you can list multiple apps to maximise your reach. Just make sure to take the item off of other platforms as soon as the item is being sold. 
  • When it comes to apps to sell your old books, CDs, DVDs, compare a few apps to get the best offer.  

Final Thoughts on 30+ Best Money Making Apps UK

So here you have it, over 30 of the best money making apps for 2022 UK. Rather than scrolling mindlessly for hours on social media, why not spend a few minutes to make some extra cash instead?  

Whether it is scanning receipts, taking surveys, or snapping photos, there’s something for everyone. So have fun with it while getting paid to use your phone! 

If you are considering making serious passive income or even quitting your day job, affiliate marketing is the way to go. This is the platform that I joined along with 6 to 7 figure income bloggers and content creators. You will learn step-by-step how to get there too. Test it out yourself with its free trial. 

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