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30+ Best Money Making Apps UK [2021]- Get Paid to Use Your Phone

Want to get paid to use your phone? Here are the 30+ best money making apps UK for 2021. 

If there is one financial lesson to learn from 2020, it will be to diversify your income. Regardless if you have a cushy corporate job, a stay at home mum, or working part-time, it’s always a smart idea to find other ways to bring additional income home because you never know what’s around the corner. 

Not everyone has the time to start a new side hustle, which is why I love these money making apps. You can earn some extra cash just by using your smartphone, perfect for people who are always on the go. 

Are there any legit apps to make money?

The short answer is yes. 

There are plenty of legit apps to make money, however, there are also a good amount that are straight up scams or just either don’t work for the UK or are too buggy…

To save you time and confusion, I have done the research, tried and tested over 30 of the best money making apps UK, so you can get paid with your phone with confidence. 

Best “Get Paid To” (GPT) Apps UK 2021 

“Get Paid To” (GPT) apps are those where you can earn rewards in multiple ways such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, and playing games etc. 

Most of these apps are part of their companies’ online sites. So it’s best to register online before downloading the apps. While the apps will give you convenient ways to make money, the online sites often have more opportunities to earn rewards. 


Swagbucks is well-known and been around since 2008. 

You can Swag Bucks (SB in short) by completing a wide range of tasks including taking surveys, watching videos and shopping to get cash back etc. 

So far I found signing up for free trials and taking surveys are the most effective way to earn SB. However, for most of the surveys, you have to fill out the pre-screening questions before being qualified for the actual survey, which can be disappointing if you don’t get it after spending the time. 

You can redeem SB from a wide range of stores or directly cash to Paypal. A £5 voucher from Amazon, Starbucks or Paypal is worth 700 SB. 

Sign up Online Site here. 


InboxPounds is another GPT site where you can be rewarded by taking surveys, and other online activities. The App version is currently only available for taking surveys. 

You can get £1 as soon as you sign up online. From there the surveys are worth a minimum of 10p depending on the length. You can also earn points by opening emails they send to you, subscribing to magazines. The offers change frequently, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for good opportunities. 

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Best Receipts Scanning Apps UK 2021 

Receipt scanning apps are one of the best money making apps UK. Although it’s a slow burner, it’s just SO EASY. I like the fact that you can earn money from simply snapping photos of supermarket receipts. Plus, you can also use multiple apps to maximise the earning. 


HuYu is one of my favourite receipt scanning apps. 

Earning points with HuYu is simple and quick. 

Every store receipt is worth 5 points, and online order confirmation receipt is worth 10 points. You can also boost earning by filling out surveys, but they are limited. For every 500 points you can exchange for a £5 gift voucher. 

Although it takes a while to build up the points, for a couple of minutes of effort every week, you can earn enough money to treat yourself for a free coffee every now and then. 

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Shoppix is another highly rated receipt scanning app that I use to earn points on a weekly basis. 

Similarly to HuYu, the app is really easy to use. 

Every in-store receipt is worth 30 tokens if you scan it the same day, otherwise 25 tokens if it’s within 7 days of purchase. There are frequent 1-2min surveys and scratch cards to earn extra tokens as well. 

You can redeem your tokens for gift vouchers from Amazon, iTunes, Love2Shop or directly deposit to your PayPal account. Every £5 voucher will cost you 3200 tokens and 6000 tokens for £10. 

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ZipZero works slightly differently as the other 2 apps mentioned above. Instead of earning points, it rewards you 0.5% of the value of any receipt, for any purchase at any shop. You can use the cash to pay your gas, electric, water or council tax bill each month. 

I love the fact that this isn’t limited to only supermarkets. So save the receipt next time when you make a purchase, and snap it away… 

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Best Survey Apps UK 2021

Taking surveys online is a great way to earn extra cash, but if you can get paid to use your phone by using survey apps, that’s even better!  Perfect for someone who only has a few minutes to spare. 

Since there are so many survey apps out there, some don’t pay very well at all. 

Here are my top picks on the best money making apps for surveys:

Citizen Me 

Citizen Me is a survey app that has been around since 2018. 

People love Citizen Me app for the interesting surveys and it pays immediately after the survey is completed. You can get paid to your PayPal as little as 10p. The most frequent complaints have been not enough surveys available. 

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Toluna Influencer is a new survey app where you can earn points by taking surveys from research agencies and big brands from the products and services that matter to you. 

Most of the surveys range from 15 to 20 minutes. There are some short surveys available too. 

Within a month, I was able to rack up over 27,000 points by taking a dozen of long surveys and a handful of short ones, which got me a £5 Starbucks voucher (25,000 points worth). 

Gift vouchers are also available in popular stores like Amazon, Argos, Currys PC World, Costa and many more. You can also transfer money to the PalPal account too. 

Keep in mind, as Toluna is a relatively new app, there are a few bugs that the developer is still working through. 

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StreetBees is another survey app that pays well. 

Once signed up, you can check the “stories” (surveys) that are available to you. You may have to complete a few qualifying stories before the paid ones. 

Completing a story usually takes about 2-5 minutes by taking an opinion poll, or snapping a photo, or even recording a video response.  

Once a story is approved, you can get paid up to £5 straight to your PayPal account. 

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VoxPopMe is a survey app with a twist. Rather than taking surveys on the app, it asks you to submit videopinions™ in exchange for cash back via PayPal. 

Perhaps voicing your opinion by recording a short response is slightly unconventional as far as survey apps go, but VoxPopMe pays well for your effort. 

There are plenty of tasks available daily. For a few seconds recording a response, it pays you 25p. Longer tasks can go up to £2-3.  

While VoxPopMe is still a new app, started in Oct. 2019, it already has really good reviews both on Apple App store and Google Play. I have been really enjoying making mo