Is Honey Extension App Legit? Coupons Cash Back App Review [2022]

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Want to know how Honey extension app can save you money while shopping online? Look no further. 

We’ve all been there, spending hours online trying to find the best deal on our purchase. Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s hard to know for sure this is the best coupon code to get the most discount.

Honey is a free coupon and cashback app that takes the hassle out of couponing. It automatically finds the best coupons and applies them to your favorite online stores so you can save money no matter where you are shopping.

It supports thousands of retailers, including travel sites, apparel, food delivery, Amazon etc.

In this comprehensive review, you will learn: 

  • What is the Honey extension app? 
  • How do the Honey extension and Honey app work? 
  • What are the main features of the Honey browser extension?
  • Does Honey have a mobile app?
  • Is Honey app legit? 
  • Is Honey extension safe? 
  • Does Honey extension work with Amazon?
  • Does Honey have a Firefox extension?
  • The Pros and Cons 

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post. I’m simply a happy user of the Honey extension as it really saved me money and time over the past year. So I want to spread the words so you can benefit from it too. 

What is the Honey Extension App? 

Honey is a free app that searches for the best voucher deals on the web and applies automatically to your cart at checkout. You can also earn cash back while shopping.

It’s really that simple. 

Honey’s mission is that “We give everyone the tools it takes to find the best savings, perks, and all around value – making online shopping fair for everyone. Free and easy to use“.

They currently have over 17 million members, have saved the members over $1 billion and given members over $8 million in rewards (gift cards).

Honey saved me hundreds over the years from car services to groceries. It’s basically free money, you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

It was originally developed in the US and has the most functions for US users, where you have the choice of using the free extension for your website browser or the mobile app. 

For the Honey extension app, it works for the following popular browsers including:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge

As for the Honey App, it is available in the following countries for mobile app download [2022 update]:

  • US
  • UK
  • AU
  • CA
  • IT
  • FR
  • DE
  • NL
  • IN
  • ES members


If you don’t see the Honey window popping up, check your pop-up or ad blockers in your browser settings.

How Does Honey Extension Work? 

If you are not familiar with web browser extensions, it’s software that adds to your web browser. Allowing Honey to actively search and apply coupon codes while you shop.

Honey extension is compatible with over 40,000 shopping sites, and searches automatically.    

Living in the UK, I have only been able to use the free browser extension and features available here, but I will mention all the functionality.

  • First things first you need to download the extension.
  • Then Sign-up to Honey – this is made easy as you can use your Google or Facebook account, or enter your details.
  • The extension is then added to your web browser and works with – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or Opera. 

My experience with Honey extension is through the Chrome browser, which can be downloaded from Chrome web store. It works really well on this platform. You will notice a little orange “h” icon appear on the web browser window.

If the “h” is grey it means Honey is not linked to that site, so no savings this time.

If it turns orange that means you are connected and you can click on the icon to show you vouchers, add to your drop list, price history and gold rewards. Or you can wait and the deals automatically pop up when you start to check out.

It is that easy.

Here’s a quick look at how the Honey browser extension in action:


It’s great for Domino’s pizza – who doesn’t get confused by their gazillion offers.  When I thought I had selected the best offers using the app on my phone, I thought I would just check using Honey on my laptop.  Sure enough for the same order Honey found me a better deal.

How Does Honey App Work? 

So being in the UK, I need to refer to Honey to explain the difference between the browser extension and the app – as I can’t try the app.

[2022 update]: I finally got to download Honey mobile App – Honey Smart Shopping Assistant and I am 100% vouch how easy and convenient it is to use, especially for viewing your points and claiming rewards. However, I still prefer using Honey Extension when I am making specific purchases online.

Unlike the browser extension, Honey mobile app works differently.

The browser basically works in the background on the website you are shopping on and applies coupon codes at the checkout.

Similar to other cash back apps, the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant, brings together millions of products from over 1,000+ sites, with their vouchers, allowing you to put them in one basket and actually buy through Honey in one purchase. 

Having a look through the reviews on Apple Apps store, it’s only rate 3.9 out of 5.

Most of the negative reviews come from the fact that the app works differently as the extension and it seems to be clunky.

So there’s definitely room for improvement…

The Honey app is available to download from both Apple Store and Google play store.

What are the Main Features of Honey Browser? 

Here are some main features of Honey extension and how it helps you to save money. 

1. Savings Finder – is the main event, and applies discount vouchers as you checkout using the browser, or as you shop using the app.

2. Honey Gold (Gold rewards) – With the Honey gold program, you can earn Honey gold points while you shop online. This goes into your account quarterly and you can earn cash back in the form of free gift cards from several well known stores. Such as Amazon, Spotify, Gap, Footlocker, ASOS, Tesco…

You need 1,000 Honey gold points for a $10 gift card, or 1400 for £10 in the UK, due to the exchange rates.


Earning Honey gold rewards can be a little slow, it’s a percentage of the purchase. However, if you invite 2 friends to Honey and they use it. You will also receive a $10/£10 gift card.

Here is my link in case you’d like to use it. 

3. Price History – exactly as it sounds and shows you the recent history for the item you are buying. I love using price history tools when I do my Christmas shopping to save money.

4. Droplist – allows you to add the items you are interested in buying at the lowest price possible, and then notifies you if the price drops. It works on both the extension and app. This is perfect for those items that you are not in a hurry of getting, and are willing to wait for a better deal at a later time.


It doesn’t include sales tax, handling or shipping charges, so make sure you check the total price.

5. Amazon Best Price – Honey doesn’t get you discounts on Amazon, but will show you the best price from several sellers. This feature already exists in Amazon so for me, it is not that important.

Is Honey Extension Safe? 

Honey extension is Free and secure. This is important to Honey and a big part of their messaging. They currently have +17M users, lots of high rated reviews. UK Trustpilot has Honey at 4.6 Excellent.

Having read some of the negative reviews, I think the users who didn’t get discounts either had the location or pop-up setting wrong. I have never had any issues, and have almost come to expect a discount when shopping. 

Is Honey App Legit? 

Yes, Honey is totally legit!  

The tech company responsible for developing and running Honey is owned by Paypal (bought in 2019, their largest-ever acquisition for $4B).

It’s also important to mention that Honey does not sell your data to 3rd parties.

Being based in LA they sponsor the LA Clippers basketball team (they train at the Honey Training Centre), so they have a very public presence, which is also supported with the typical high level of US customer service.

How Does Honey Make Money?

While Honey is completely free for you to use, they earn commission from the stores you make purchases from at no cost to you.

Not only you can save money from the promotional codes that Honey finds for your purchase, but you also get to collect Honey Gold points which turn into cash back or free gift cards.

All in all, it’s a win-win!

Does Honey Extension Work on Mobile?

The browser extension does not work on phones or tablets, therefore you have to use a real computer. However, there is an app option, for both Apple and Android.


Make sure you select the right country for your location, if not Honey will not find the offers for you, as you will be on a UK site, while the extension is searching for US codes!

Does Honey have a Firebox Extension?

Yes, it does!

Honey app is available for popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

Honey Extension App vs. Capital One Shopping?

Capital one shopping (formally known as Wikibuy) is also a free coupon and cash back browser extension often gets compared with Honey Extension.

While the rewards and cash back only apply to online stores for Honey, you can redeem them both online and in-store for Capital One.

On the flip slide, Honey is part of the PayPal family, which means you earn PayPal cash instantly, which is much more flexible in where you can spend the money than gift cards.

You can also earn referral bonuses with Honey – for every friend that signs up, you get 500 Honey gold points.

Whilst Capital One Shopping has a referral program, you won’t get anything for it.

Honey Extension App Pros and Cons: 


  • It’s FREE while saving you real money. 
  • Takes the guesswork out of finding the best available promo codes
  • Works with over 40,000 stores 
  • Provides cashback through reward cards
  • Work automatically in the background
  • One checkout for multiple purchases on the Honey App
  • You can earn Honey gold for cash back while spending
  • Price monitoring and price history tracking so you know the best time to buy


  • Does not track how much you have saved over time [2022 update: with Honey mobile app on mobile, it makes it easy to track your savings now]
  • Limited in the region: Honey App is only available in the US. Honey Extension is only available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. [2022 update: Honey app is now available in all countries mentioned]
  • The extension only gets you the best deal for the site you are on. 
  • The extension only works on desktops/laptops, therefore, you can’t use it on the go. [2022 update: thanks to the Honey app, that’s no longer the case!]
  • Honey app doesn’t work as well as the browser extension.

Final Thoughts on Honey Extension App Review – Is It Legit?


Honey claims to offer an average discount of 17.9% and an average yearly savings of $126/£95. 

In my personal experience, I’ve saved way more than that from just applying the best voucher codes Honey could find. The discounts for me have been regular, and consistent, like welcome discounts, free shipping, or general discounts. In addition, Honey makes money for me from my online purchases through the Honey Gold Rewards program.

To put your mind at rest, Honey extension app is legit and safe, so you can enjoy saving money online hassle-free. 

If you are in one of the countries that Honey extension app covers and shop online frequently, my question is, why WOULDN’T you use this smart shopping assistant to save you some money and earn cash back?

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