Is Honey  Extention App Legit? 

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The short answer is YES.  But that's not the only question you have right?

Here is what you know about Honey and how it can help you to save money while shopping online. 

Honey is a free app that searches for the best voucher deals on the web and applies automatically to your cart at checkout. You can also earn cash back while shopping.

What is the Honey Extension App?  

Honey has an Extention tool that you can install on your web browser and it has a mobile app that you can download on your phone. 

Extension vs.  App?  

– Chrome – Firefox – Opera – Edge

What browsers does Honey extension work on? 

– US – UK – AU – CA – IT – FR – DE – NL – IN – ES member

Which countries does Honey app work on? 

Chloe | It's Not your 9 to 5

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If you are not familiar with web browser extensions, it's software that adds to your web browser. Allowing Honey to actively search and apply coupon codes while you shop. Honey extension is compatible with over 40,000 shopping sites, and searches automatically.    

How Does Honey Extension Work?  

Similar to other cash back apps, the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant, brings together millions of products from over 1,000+ sites, with their vouchers, allowing you to put them in one basket and actually buy through Honey in one purchase.  

How Does Honey App Work? 

Honey is totally legit and safe. It helped me to save over £400 a year from weekly grocery shopping to holidays.  If you are in one of the countries that Honey covers and shop online frequently, why wouldn't you use Honey to save you money? 

Is Honey App Legit?

How I saved $400/year from using Honey

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