Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

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Whilst the cost of living is on a steep incline, our earnings don't seem to be keeping up the pace, which leaves many of us struggling more than ever before to make ends meet each month.

It's more important than before to cut down the spending and save money.  

Don't know where to start?  If you are currently spending money on these 20 items, perhaps you can save money for your family by stopping buying them. 

TV Packages


TV packages like Netflix, and Amazon Prime can rack up a big monthly bill. Instead of watching TV after dinner, we go for walks as a family, which is a much healthier and an inexpensive way to spend quality time together.

Magazine Subscriptions


Cancel the glossy magazine subscription and switch to find the content you enjoy online or via social media. 

Chloe | It's Not your 9 to 5

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Stop buying fast food for convenience!  Instead, get meal planning. This will save you so much money rather than spy buying fast food for convenience, and it's much healthier. 

Gym Membership


Ditch the gym membership and enjoy the outdoor. You can also invest in some home gym equipment to get through the dark months. This will save you money in the long run. 

Skip the Coffee Shop


Buy skipping your daily visit to the coffee shop, you can save nearly £1000 a year!  Instead, invest in a nice coffee machine and make your gourmet coffee at home. 

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