Best Online Jobs for Introverts [2022]

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We often associate introverts with being shy, but that is just one of many stereotypical traits of being an introvert.

There are other signs of being an introvert, such as... 

Being around of a lot people drains your energy

Need alone time to charge up your energy

Have a small group of close friends

Prefer writing instead of speaking

You are drawn to jobs that you can work independently

If you are an introvert, your personality preferences can strongly impact the way you work and your career path.  You can be more successful and productive in certain jobs. 

Here are 15 Best Online Jobs for Introvert [2022]

Graphic Designer


Graphic design is often loved by many introverts as it allows them to create and express their imaginary minds. Not only does it require a minimum amount of interaction with people, but it can also be a good work from home option.

Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant (VA) is another new career path that is in demand recently. This is a good fit for introverts because the interaction with the client is typically on a one-to-one basis and the work is very much independent.



If you speak more than one language, a translator is another individual-based online job that’s perfect for introverts.

Selling Printables on Etsy


Selling printables on Etsy is another great way to earn income for introverts by using your creativity.



If you have a way with numbers, actuaries might be a good fit for introverts like you. Although less glamorous, it pays very well. 

Top 10 more jobs that are best for introverts like you!

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