Best  Game Apps 

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that Pays Instantly to PayPal

Want to make money the fun way or just need a little extra on the side?

Here are 30+  game apps that pay instantly to PayPal will give you what you're looking for.



This is a spin-off from one of the most famous apps that pay direct to Paypal, and one that's a genuine game rather than just completing surveys or watching videos.

21 Blitz


21 Blitz is a mix of the popular games 21 (Blackjack) and Solitare where you can win real money.

Chloe | It's Not your 9 to 5

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Dominoes Gold


You can play this for free and play money to win cash.  Court, where 4 players are going up against each other. Finalists make $2, Winners make $6



Gamehag offers members the chance to play online games, or use the apple and android apps. By playing games you collect Soul gems and exchange them for rewards.

Pool Payday


You can play this game for free, or you can play for money. 1 against 1 games are $0.60 to enter for each player, if you win you get $1 and 50 Ticketz. 

Big Buck Hunter


If you loved the arcade version, this could be the app for you to earn some extra cash.

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