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Don’t know what you want for Mother’s Day? Here are my TOP TEN Mother’s Day gift ideas no matter what your budget is.

As a mum myself, Mother’s day is one of my favourite holidays of the year. A celebration that I feel I truly deserved and I’m proud of.

Unlike the rest of the world, Mother’s day in the UK is celebrated the 4th Sunday during the period of Lent, in March.

Each year for Mother’s Day, I take matters into my own hands and find something I really want. Certain years I know exactly just the thing, others I had to do some research.

My point is, for such a special day, I daren’t leave the choice to others (even my most loved ones). Tell them what you want, and you will be looking forward to receiving it.

So for those of you who still need some ideas, I have curated my top ten Mother’s day gift ideas for under £100, under £50, under £30, under £20, and under £10.

No matter what your budget is, you will find something you love ♥️

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Top Ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Under £100

Missoma Jewellery, Gold Leaf Chocker £98 (Free shipping to US & UK)

Missoma is one of my go-to places when it comes to high-quality custom jewellery. I’ve been collecting many pieces over the years, great for layering, and I always get compliments when I wear them.

The London based jewellery brand is also loved by many celebrities and royals such as Kate Middleton, Gigi Hadid, Meghan Markle etc.

There are plenty of choices that fit every budget.

Echo Show 8, Amazon £64.99 / $134.98 with Amazon Smart Plug

I know this is not the most glamorous gift but certainly a practical one. Especially if you love your Alexa, why not upgrade to one with a screen.

Echo Show 8 is a visual Alexa on an 8″ HD screen. This clever device not only has the typical Alexa functions but also connects video calling and messaging with friends and family with the Alexa app or Echo devices with a screen.

The screen can be used as a control panel for your smart home devices like security cameras, lights and central heating thermostats.

When the Echo show 8 is on standby, it can also act as a digital photo album display.

Classic Jersey Pyjama Set, White Company £75 (Free shipping to US over $150)

Top ten mother's day gift ideas - JP

Nothing beats a set of stylish yet buttery soft PJ’s from the White Company. I recommend this navy set as the colour is much more forgiving for any marks than the white option.

Sweaty Betty Non-Slippy Yoga Mat – ECO Friendly, Amazon £68 / $88

I know a £68 yoga mat seems to be excessive, but a good one makes all the difference.

Especially for those of you with sweaty hands and feet (??‍♀️) nothing worse than slipping around while you are in downdog.

I’ve tried many over the years, this is one of the best when it comes to non-slip feature.

The mat is also made from 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable rubber.

This is one worth the splurge that contributes to your self-care and the environment.

JLab Wireless Headphones, Amazon, £69.99 / $48.30

Another gadgety item…

These JLab Wireless Headphones are the perfect companion for your workout session. The noise-cancelling, and long battery life (15+ hrs) features make it the best Bluetooth wireless headphones in its class.

Spa Session, £50-£100

Top ten mother's day gift ideas - spa

A pampering spa session is always a winner. Especially after a VERY VERY long lockdown, what’s better than celebrating with a relaxing spa session. Treatments for different price range are available.

Find a treatment near you here.

(NOTE, most spas in England are due to reopen from 12th April 2021)

Charlotte Tilbury Hydration & Radiance Skin Duo, £75 / $111.60

Topten Mother's day gift ideas

I am sure you heard all the rave about Charlotte Tilbury’s magic cream. This duo set includes a 30ml Magic Cream and Magic Eye Rescue Cream to keep your skin hydrated all day long.

On Charlotte Tilbury’s official website, this set also qualifies for FREE shipping and 2 FREE Samples.

Great value for money!

ProCook Contemporary 20 Jar Spice Rack, Amazon, £62 / $59.99

Post pandemic, you are probably cooking more at home now. How about treating yourself with a well stocked yet space saving spice rack?

This rack also has a rotating feature which makes picking spices super easy.

Jo Malone 2 pcs Gift Set, English Pear & Freesia/Grapefruit, £84.69 / $131

Flying the flag high for the British beauty brands, Jo Malone is well-loved for its collection of real and natural scents.

This gift set contains the 2 most famous fragrances – English Pear and Freesia/Grapefruit.

A couple of spritz will take you straight to an English garden. The bottles are beautiful for your vanity too.

Top Ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Under £50

Teva Slippers, Amazon, £33.99 / $64.85

I bought this pair on a whim last autumn, I thought it was a bit of a splurge for a pair of slippers. As it turned out, I’ve been wearing these for the last 6 months – every single day.

I love the fact that you can wear them like mules by flattening the heels, or you can wear them as normal shoes.

The rubber outsoles make the slippers non-slippery, super safe for hardwood floors.

Roku Japanese Craft Gin Gift Pack

A very good friend of mine introduced me to this Japanese gin at Christmas, and I love it with tonic and slices of ginger. 

However, this set goes one step further by introducing you to flavour enhancers (recipes included) – described as the next generation in drinks mixers.

Back and Neck Massager, Amazon £31.49 / $39.99

If like me you are now working from home looking down at a laptop way more than you should, you will have days where your neck just aches. Not to mention that time of the month as tension builds in your body.

This warming neck massager is the perfect solution!

This essential device has saved me loads of money from paying for massages, and my husband’s sore thumb.

Frequent massage helps your mood, relieve pain, aids sleep through relaxation, reduces stress leading to better mental clarity and health.

Philip Sonicare Toothbrush, Amazon, £49.99 / $49.99

Spending money on your dental hygiene will save you money in the long run. The Sonicare is a must-have.

Since switching from another well known electric toothbrush brand (O and B is a clue) my dental hygienist has noticed the difference and says my teeth and gum health has improved to perfect!

Riedel Angled Wine Glasses, Set of 2, Amazon, £36.20 / Similar Set $23.99

This purchase is all about the quality and enhancing your wine drinking experience.

Riedel offers a range of glasses by wine type, but this for me is a winner, not only do I love the shape and style, it’s perfect for Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, dry Rose and Whites!

Stackable Jewellery Box – Set of 2, Amazon, £36 / $39.99

Never seem to wear your beloved jewellery? Are they all jumbled up somewhere in a draw?

This modular and elegant jewellery box will help you get all your pieces organised and displaced.

Neom Your Moment of Wellbeing Set, £50

This trio makes a perfect wellbeing set.

Start your day with the diffuser that can give an energy boost to space, then wind down your day with the relaxing candle. Finally, the pillow mist takes you all the way to deep sleep.

Smart Watch, Waterproof, Amazon, £39.99 / $35.99

This Arbily Smart Watch provides you with a very similar experience to the bigger brands without the price tag.

At an affordable £39.99, it has a colourful screen display, daily activity tracker, receives calls and SMS, and has 9 sports modes. In addition, it is waterproof perfect for swimming and has a 10 day running battery life.

No wonder it’s been rated nearly 5 stars by thousands of users on Amazon.

Fortnum & Mason Spring Gift Box, £50 (US shipping available)

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas Fortnum & Mason

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the Piccadilly store (the cafe is a real treat) then you will have fallen in love with F&M.

Their hampers should make any gift list and this is no exception. 

The Spring gift box is packed with exquisite treats like Earl Grey Classic Loose Leaf Tea, Sweet Orange & Bergamot Marmalade, Lemon Curd Biscuits, Pastel Sugared Almonds and the Chocolate Praline & Ganache Selection.

Mystery Cheese Box from Award Wining British Cheesemonger, Rennet & Rind, £32

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas Rennet & Rind

Last but not the least of the top ten Mother’s Day gift ideas under £50 is a Mystery Cheese Box from the awarding winning British Cheesemonger Rennet & Rind.

This is another lockdown friend recommendation that has knocked my socks off.

While the mystery box tickles the curiosity, one thing you can count on are 5 beautifully curated artisan British farmhouse cheeses made by small independent cheesemakers.

With each box, it also comes with a video where Perry (the “Head of Cheese”) walks you through each cheese. It’s like having your own private cheese tasting session.

(Note: The Mother’s Day Cheese Box will be shipped before 10th of March)

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Top Ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Under £30

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

This simple and elegant gold cuff is a great every day staple.

As a mum, I’m always doing something with my hands. I love jewellery pieces that don’t get in my way when I am in the kitchen or working out, and easy to go with everything I wear.

This ticks every box.

Cotton Dressing Gown, Amazon, £26.99 / $21.99

This buttery soft cotton dressing gown/robe is perfect for those warmer days. It comes in many different colours, although the navy with white trim is my favourite.

Halden Gin Glasses, Set of 2, White Company, £30 (Free shipping, UK & US)

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas halden gin glasses

Ok gin is taking over the world, and I am not resisting.

And I certainly can’t resist these hand blown Halden gin glasses. It’s like drinking from a beautiful liquid bouquet.

Contemporary design with a chunky heavy base for stability and the bonus of you can hold this part without getting a cold hand, or warming your drink.

Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock, Amazon, £28.04 / $33.96

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

If like me, you use black out blinds to ensure you don’t wake too early in the summer months, you will have found this has a downside.

You just can’t get that natural daylight gentle wake up.  That’s where this clever light, clock and radio can help. 

The lighting changes from deep red, to sunlight yellow based on the time you set, to gently ease you out of your sleep.  Then can be used in reverse when you want to go to sleep – genius.

It can also be used as a reading lamp.

Butter Soft Yoga Leggings (Lululemon Dupes), Amazon, £25 / $29

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

Who doesn’t love a pair of buttery soft leggings to lounge around and workout in?

If you don’t want to splurge nearly £100 for a pair of Lululemon Aligns, I got good news for you!

These Colorfulkoaloa Yoga Leggings are the dupe for Lululemon Align leggings, except 1/4 of the price. I own a few pairs and these are all I have been wearing during the lock down.

Keep in mind, these are 7/8 length. As I’m 5’2, they hit my ankle.

Essential Oil Diffuser, Amazon, £29.99 / $29.74

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

I love my little wooden diffuser that emits a gentle mist infused with essential oils.

It gets used every day, either during meditation, yoga practice or when I am just reading before bed.  My go to oils are lavender and jasmine.

Secret Animal Print Brown Scarf, Oliver Bonas, £25 (FREE delivery on orders $70+)

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

You can never have too many scarves!

This animal print scarf is light and versatile. Perfect compliment for many outfits.

This Works Deep Sleep Candle, Amazon, £26

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

My first experience of This Works was the pillow spray which aids in relaxation and restful sleep. 

You can now add this candle to help you relax, scented with lavender and camomile, and a 40 hour burn time it’s perfect for having at the side of an evening bath or in the bedroom before you go to sleep.

Coffee of the World, Whittard, £28

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas coffee

If you love coffee, then you need to give this a try. 

Most of us are creatures of habit and buying the same coffee week in week out. Maybe sometimes varying if there is a good offer.

This beautiful set of ground coffee may just change that. As it introduces you to 9 different blends of ground coffee from around the world, it also covers from light to dark roasts so you can try all the varieties and find the perfect java for you.

Facetheory Vitamin Superhero Skincare Set, £29.99 (Click here to get 20% off) Free shipping to US order over $50

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas facetheory

It’s never too late to start looking after your skin.

This Sheffield based clean skincare company – Facetheory is taking the beauty world by storm offering amazing results at affordable price.

This trio of goodness is a complete skin care system that will clean, soothe, hydrate and refine your skin. Perfect for someone who is new to skin care.

As a wife of born and bread Yorkshire man, I bought some of the products for my husband and mother in-law. After a few weeks of using, they BOTH are raving about how good their skin feel.

You can use my link above or HERE to get 20% off.

Top Ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Under £20

Indoor Plant – String of Hearts, Leafenvy, £16

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas indoor plants

Rather than a bouquet of flowers, that we have to eventually toss to the bin, I personally prefer the more sustainable alternatives – indoor plants.

In particular, I love this hanging plant with a cute name – String of Hearts. What’s more suitable as a gift for mother’s day?

The plant is care-free and fast growing. I am excited to report that after owning it for over 6 months, my String of Hearts are happy and alive, hanging by my bathroom window.

Use my link HERE to get 20% off when you spend over £50.

Becoming by Michelle Obama (Hardcover), Amazon, £17.80 / $8.97

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

Michelle Obama inspires me in so many ways. Not only as the first Black First lady of the United States of America, but also as a mother, a wife and a woman. Her book Becoming lived up to the expectation and more.

In her memoir, Michelle invites us into her world – one thats filled with meaning, deep reflection and accomplishments, through her honestly and humours storytelling.

OGX Gift Set, Amazon, £15

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

OGX is my go to brand for shampoo and conditioner.

This set comes beautifully presented and includes a gorgeous heat mat and spray for when you use your styling tools. 

Just in case you wondered, Argan oil includes essential oils and fatty acids that nourish dry and damaged hair.

Not Your Chore Meal Planning Tool Kit, £24 (40% off with code Welcome40)

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas Not your chore weekly meal toolkit

For most of the mums, meal planning probably feels like an all-down-to-you chore every week.

No more loathing what’s for dinner at 6pm every day. 

This digital meal planning tool kit will transform your dreaded weekly chore to a fun family affair. You will get the secret sauce – a guide of meal planning, learn how to prepare 4 freezer meals in 1 hour, a mini slow cook recipe book and plenty of useful templates. 

Get this for your own sanity this Mother’s Day because you deserve to be valued and helped with family meals. 

Use code Welcome40 to get 40% off HERE.

Multi Purpose Garden Kneeler and Chair with Tool Bag, Amazon £17.99 / $48.99

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

For anyone with green fingers this is such a helpful piece of kit.

It saves your knees and lower back, by providing a comfy kneeling pad, or flipped over a bench stool, with side pockets to hold and organise your hand garden tools.

The Fast 800 & The Fast 800 Recipe Book Collection, Amazon, £20.35 / $16 Recipe Book

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

Ready to shift the “lockdown belly”?

Give the Fast 800 diet ago.

Created by Dr. Michael Mosley and his wife Dr. Clare Bailey, the fast 800 diet is a science based diet that helps many to loose weight rapidly even helping people to reverse type 2 diabetics.

The Fast 800 book teaches you the methodology behind the diet, whereas the Fast 800 Recipe book gives you plenty of meal options.

I’ve been following this diet, and the result has exceeded my previous slimming world experience, by far!

Bluetooth Sleep Mask, Amazon, £17.81 / $24.99

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

Struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep in those early bright mornings?

This Bluethooth sleeping mask is the gift from GOD!

You can now listen to your favourite sleep meditation track (without annoying your partner), and not being impacted by any bright light around you .

It also has a 8-10hr battery life!

Bloomposy Dried Flowers, £15.95

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas dried flowers

Another alternative to fresh bouquet – dried flowers. These stylish pastel dried flowers come in an eco friendly letterbox and will bright up the room for all year round.

Charbonnel Et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles, Amazon, £15

Champagne truffles

These pink champagne truffles are simply iconic.

You might not remember the name, but you certainly know the box, and hopefully you are already acquainted with the contents – if not, enjoy!

Peloton App, £12.99/month (with 30 Day Free Trial)

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas peloton app

Peloton for iPhone | Peloton for Android

Seen the adverts on TV for the Peloton bike, then fell off the sofa when you saw the price!

Well there is a cheaper way to be part of Peloton, which me and my husband have used for at least a year before opting for the bike. 

The app can be used for 10+ types of workout, and can be used on any spin bike and treadmill, but also offers outdoor classes (tracking your route using GPS), so you don’t actually have to buy the bike.

It will stream on smart TV’s, provides lots of metrics, and you can have multiple family members using it at the same time.  With a 30 day free trial it’s definitely worth a try, then £12.99 a month.

If you do decide to go for the Peloton Bike, you can get £100 off using my code – TBB73Y.

Positive Vibe Mug, Anthropologie, £12

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas mug

This cheerful mug is the way to start your day.

Helping you feel and think positively as you take your first sips of coffee (or tea) in the morning and contemplate the day ahead.

Top Ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Under £10

Love Trinket Plate, The White Company, £10

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas trinket plate

A simple elegant design for the side of your bed or vanity. Perfect for placing your everyday jewellery each night.

Hover your mouse over an image to zoom.

Wildflower Seed Balls, Amazon, £8.95

This made my top ten mother’s day gift ideas’ list because I love seeing wildflowers on verges, roundabouts and other usually dull outdoor spaces.

So the idea that I can buy a seedbom and launch it at a space I think needs more flowers just makes me smile.  Also helps out our lovely bee and butterfly friends.

Jade Face Roller, Amazon, £6.99 / $15.99

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

This facial massage device provides relaxation, reduces puffiness in the face and fights under eye bags.

For cooling effect, store it in the fridge before using on its own or with face products.

Tony’s Chocolonely Fairtrade Chocloate Bar Mixed Pack, Amazon, £6.65

Milk, Milk Caramel & Sea Salt, Dark Almond & Sea Salt, Milk Hazelnut – a lovely 4 pack selection of this raved about chocolate, not much more needs to be said. This is not just another chocolate, check out some of the reviews for this stuff – many people agree its the best chocolate they have ever had!

As part of the research, of course we HAD to get to try… The verdict? WOW – it definitely lived up to the hype.

Bistro Tiled Margot Monogram Coaster, £10

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas coaster

I think these coasters have to be one of the most elegant cosmo coasters on the market. Perfect for your new work at home desk, vanity or nightstand.

Eco Bath Hand Brush, Amazon, £6.80 / Similar Alternative $12.99

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas - eco bath hand brush

Japanese style exfoliation in the bath or shower.

These things remove all your dead skin cells and leave your skin revitalised, 100% natural, and just looks way better than a synthetic scrub.

Gin & Tonic Marmalade, Amazon, £7.75

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

Here’s another way for you to have G&T before noon.

This marmalade is enhanced with gin, tonic and a twist of lemon, perfect to go with a slice of toast and a cuppa in the morning.

This Works Choose Sleep 2, Amazon, £10

This little duo will help you drift off. 

The first to use is the Stress Check roll-on that calms and refreshes, followed by the now ‘famous’ pillow spray that relaxes you into a deep sleep

Gold & Glass Hanging Frame, £4.50

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas gold glass hanging frame

These cute little frames are the perfect way to display your favourite memories.

Gold framed, with glass inlays, and soft coloured ribbon for hanging.

Mushroom Coffee, Amazon, £8.78 / $15.31

Top Ten Mother's day gift ideas

Have you heard the latest health rave on mushroom coffee?

Not only do you get the superfood properties of the mushroom, but it is also less acidic than regular coffee, and has a less jittery effect than you often get from coffee.

I’ve been drinking this Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee for over a year now. I absolutely love how it makes me feel and the taste too!

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Final thought on Top Ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

So here you have it, top ten mother’s day gift ideas no matter what your budget is. I hope you found a few ideas for yourself and perhaps your mum and mother-in-law?

If there are other idea suggestions, please leave in the comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Mother’s Day! ♥️

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Top ten mother's day gift ideas

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