You are currently viewing Podcast Production School Review [from a course graduate]

Podcast Production School Review [from a course graduate]

This is a Podcast Production School Review from a course graduate who went from zero to being a fully booked Podcast Producer. 

Podcasts have become a booming field over recent years – there are 2 MILLION podcasts out there and growing, which is 4 TIMES the number of podcasts back in 2018.  <<<LINK>>>

Whether you are thinking about becoming a Podcast producer or maybe starting your own podcast, the right training can help you fast track your success. 

Podcast Production School might be just the help you need, but don’t take my word for it. 

In this post, I had the opportunity to interview Sharon Schuler, who took the Podcast Production School (PPS) course, and it accelerated her to become a fully booked Podcast producer. 

If you are contemplating investing in a podcast course, I hope this Podcast Production School review from Sharon can answer some of your questions about the course. 

So before we jump to the interview with Sharon, let me give you a quick overview of the Podcast Production School. 

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What does Podcast Production School cover? 

Podcast Production School (PPS) is a comprehensive training course that will teach you the marketing and technical skills required to grow and manage podcasts. 

It is perfect for someone who wants to start his/her own podcast or provide podcast services for other businesses. 

The course covers: 

  • 8 Self-paced modules containing 45+ individual lessons
    • An overview of podcasting
    • The types and parts of a podcast
    • Services you can offer as a podcast producer
    • Technical setup and audio editing
    • Marketing and promotion
    • Working with clients (packages, pricing, contracts, and onboarding etc.)
  • Following the systematic 90-day blueprint, you will go from learning to earning in 3 phases
    • 0-30 days: complete the PPS course
    • 31-60 days: make 100 offers to prospects
    • 61-90 days: gain practical podcast production experience
  • 20+ customisable turn-key templates and checklists
  • Audacity, Libsyn & WordPress step-by-step tech training
  • 5 Bonuses (worth $1900 value)
    • A 90-day complimentary membership into a private Facebook group community for job leads, and ongoing training & support. 
    • Podcast marketing training from Joe Fier of Hustle & Flowchart
    • Customisable client contract template
    • Quickstart, a LIVE 2-day workshop
    • Lifetime access to the program with free, ongoing updates. 

You will also get a certification upon completion of Podcast Production School, a credential in the field that helps to grow your podcast services. (Sharon touched on how this really helped to grow her business)

How much does Podcast Production School cost? 

Podcast Production School cost a single payment of $500.  

Now that we have covered the basics of the PPS course, let’s jump into the interview with Sharon: 

Hiya Sharon, tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Podcast production school review - Sharon Schuler

Hi! I’m Sharon.

I’m a wife and mother of five kids aged 3 – 12 and we live on our family-owned dairy farm in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

So yes, you will find me out in the barn milking cows about 3 times a week. 

I’m also a work-from-home podcast editor, running my own service business at JustKeepPodcasting

How did you get started in podcast editing/producing? 

I was 30 years old and had just bought my 1st laptop and it opened this entire online world to me, that I never had before. And as a stay-at-home-mom (at the time) with 90% child/house care on me, the online world was the perfect escape, the perfect creativity outlet to calm my anxiety, and the perfect place to try building a business without the risk …. And without leaving the house! 

In 2016 I joined the mommy blogging movement. In 2018 I made a huge decision between starting a youtube channel or starting a podcast show … I chose Youtube!

After nearly a year of Youtubing and tracking my data — I saw that my audience wasn’t there, so I switched to podcasting in 2019. My mommy blogging email list went from a year frozen while I did youtube to a 21% increase in four months because of podcasting! Which was huge!

I was obsessed and in love with the ease of podcasting. After youtube and its 52 step process and 6 hours to editing one video per week … podcasting felt like a breeze. 

Then I followed this rabbit trail of podcasting AND helping other moms with their podcasts and near the end of 2019 I started offering it as a service. 

I’ve done all the podcast jobs as a service: from editing to management, but I’ve recently niched down into podcast editing services only, as I made the best system (for me) to serve my clients and take care of myself and my family. Win-win-win.

Use this FREE workbook to find out – What Services You Can Offer? 

What made you choose Podcast Production School over other courses? 

Podcast production school review

There actually weren’t many courses offering Podcast Production that I trusted. I had stumbled across Gina Horkey’s name a few times back in my mommy blogging days and was familiar with her work. So I trusted the process that these ladies were going to lead me through. 

I also joined Podcast Production School AFTER I had clients and was neck deep into offering my services. I love how PPS had built in testing as you went through the course … you can’t access the next lesson until you pass the test of the lesson you are in. Which I love. 

They also have a course completion certification. Which means after you’ve done all the testing and you’ve passed you get a certification! 

To be honest, I also wanted the support they were offering. I wanted the tests to see if I actually knew what I was talking about and I wanted the certification badge to put on my website to validate not only to other people but to myself as well that I did it. 

I usually sit and rethink a decision 5 more times after it’s made. So what pushed me to choose PPS was that these ladies made it feel like a school. Like a college certification. And with three ladies running this course (Gina, Mel and Haliey) I knew I was getting something like a college education — with all their experience, expertise and the different biases that they would bring to the table and teach, I knew this would be a well-rounded course. 

So I jumped in.

Who is the Podcast Production School course best suited for? 

ANYONE that wants to learn how to set up, serve and sell a podcast service-based business OR (like me) even if you are already are in the podcast service based business, this course would be a great refresher, polish your process, ask the pros, get into a community type of course for you. 

Podcast Production School offers only the information that you need, one step at a time. They’ve thought of everything for a beginner that knows nothing about podcasts. Where they even have lessons with practice audio files inside so you can get some hands-on work to improve your skills. 

If you are looking for a school that has a community, PPS has an offer for that too! With challenges, guest experts and prizes.  

So if you are thinking of starting a podcast service-based business and want your handheld for the journey, join PPS. Even if you are not a beginner and have one or two clients and want to double-check