...staring at a blank sheet of meal planer

(even after searching on Pinterest for hours, then you will want to keep scrolling...)

No more loathing what's for dinner at 6pm every day...

The truth is, weekly meal planning for your family doesn’t have to be an only-down-to-you event. 

Instead, this can be a fun family affair that everyone is looking forward to. 

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Discover a simple & efficient system to transform your weekly meal planning chore to a fun family affair. 

With a value packed toolkit at your fingertips, you can finally save more time & money, waste less, and eat healthier – stress free. 

It’s that time of the week again - planning the entire family meals for the upcoming week...  

While you are staring at a perfectly empty meal plan, all you can think of is: 

🔹  the fussy 5 year old who turns his nose up to anything but pizza at the moment

🔹    You go ask your husband for ideas, he says “dunno” without moving his eyes off of TV

🔹    or even worse, when you suggest something, he says “nah don’t fancy that..” 

It just feels like the entire family meal deal is ALL DOWN TO YOU, week in week out, for the rest of your life… 

Not to mention the promise you made to yourself that you are trying to lose those 10 pounds from your last holiday by eating healthy, while getting your children finally eating more vegetables (no judgement here).

Arrrgh… you are already feeling defeated and overwhelmed. 

“Screw it, let’s just order our favourite take away today, then everyone is happy” you finally gave up,  and hope you can avoid this painful problem until tomorrow! 

Only tomorrow never comes… 

“This is a life-changing toolkit! After implementing the Weekly Meal Planning Guide, I'm no longer dreading for it, instead, an activity my family looks forward to every week - Thank you!”
- Samantha C.

You deserve to be Valued & Helped with family meals...

For a limited time, get full access to the Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit for just £24 (a £97 value!).

✅   Includes a game changing system – Not Your Chore Meal Weekly Planning Guide to transform your weekly chore to a family affair (a £39 value)

✅   Plus a 4 Meals in 1 hour Freezer Cooking Kit with a Done-for-you Shopping List to help you breeze through those busy nights (a £20 value)

✅   A Freezer Cooking Cheat Sheet so you can prep meals like a pro.

✅   A Healthy Slow Cooker Mini Recipe Book to save time without sacrificing nutrition for your family, fussy eaters approved (a £10 value)

✅   A Recipe Card Template to collect and build your family’s favourite recipes library so you never run out of ideas (a £5 value)

✅   Also includes a Cooking Conversion Chart at your fingertip that bullet proofs any US and UK cooking system. (a £3 value)

✅   Bonus 1 (a Guide): How to make money with your shopping receipts (you can easily earn back the investment on this toolkit) (a £10 value)

✅   Bonus 2 (a Guide): How to save £1000/year on your groceries. (a £10 value)

Hiya, I'm Chloe!

And I know exactly what is like having to come up with meal ideas for your family, every week…  and it feels like it’s ALL DOWN TO YOU!

Not your chore weekly meal toolkit - about me As a working mum of 2 children, I’m not your picture-perfect homemaker queen that you see on Insta.

In fact, far from it. 

I am just an ordinary busy Mama like you, who is constantly juggling between work and family, while trying to put healthy meals on the table that don’t take hours to cook and cost an arm and a leg.

Over the years, I have perfected a meal planning system that is efficient, stress-free. Not only it saved me time, but also helped our family to save over £1000 ($1300) a year on groceries. 

The bonus part was, my husband, lost 15 lb (by accident) over the 6 months in lock-down, simply by eating what I put on the table 3 meals a day.

…which makes me think, if this system works so well for us, it perhaps can help many families like yours, who are still battling with this weekly (if not daily) chore.

With my Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit, it provides you with a structured approach with everyone involved during the process. Plus plenty of useful resources at your fingertips. 

Now it’s your turn to conquer this never-ending weekly chore, once and for all!  

Want to learn more money-saving tips and tricks for your family and even ways to bring extra income outside of your normal 9 to 5? Head to  itsnotyour9to5.com for plenty of useful resources. 

“I never done freezer cooking before, the 4 Meals in 1hr Freezer Cooking Guide is SO quick and easy, I am now stocked up with healthy family meals for those busy nights to come.”
- Steph W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit different from many other meal planning toolkits out there? 

This is not another meal planning kit that provides you a meal planner with some recipe ideas. 

Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit offers a unique structure that reduces the size of the problem while having fun engaging all family members. 

You will also learn the technique on how to add a healthy twist on everyone’s favourite meal with plenty of flexibility to suit different dietary needs. 

Enjoy a 4 Meals in 1 hour Freezer Meal Cooking session with a done-for-you shopping list where you can get all the ingredients in 1 trip to Aldi. Having healthy, ready to go freezer bag meals means you can ease through those busy nights without spending much time in the kitchen. 

Plus plenty of cheat sheets and templates at your fingertips so you can save time and turn your toolbox into a resource library that is tailored to your own family. 

How do I know if the Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit is right for me? 

Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit works best for those who live in the UK, however, the “secret sauce” of the meal planning structure and the 4 Meals in 1 Hour Freezer Cooking Guide will work for your family regardless where you live. 

The Mini Recipe Book is also metric and imperial friendly with the handy Conversion Chart provided. 

You will also get amazing value from the Freezer Cooking Cheat Sheet and the Recipe Card Template

What is included with the Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit

Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit is a jam packed with guides and cheat sheets to help you transform the weekly chore into a family affair. 

It includes a game changing system – Not Your Chore Meal Planning Guide (a £39 value) to teach you how to plan your family meals efficiently and stress free. 

Plus a 4 Meals in 1 hour Freezer Cooking Guide with a Done-for-you Shopping List (a £20 value) to help you breeze through those busy nights. 

You will also get a Healthy Slow Cooker Mini Recipe Book plus a Cooking Conversion Cheat Sheet, and a Recipe Card Template. (a total value of £18)

To help you out even more, you will also get 2 Bonuses with the Toolkit with money making and money saving tips that will cover the cost of the toolkit within days – it literally pays for itself.

Will Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit worth my investment? 

Imagine you will regain the joy of family meals. Plus, saving over £1000/year for your family. 

Additionally, you will no longer throwing away untouched food every week. 

With Extra Cash with Receipts from the Bonus, you can easily earn back the investment within days.

For a small price to pay, I promise this will transform your outlook towards family meals. 

What is the return policy? 

Due to the non-returnable nature of this digital product, all sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

If you are a resident of the European Union, you have the right to cancel the contract for a purchase of Digital Content for a refund within a period of 14 days beginning with the day after purchase.

Please note that once you access or download the digital content that you purchase, you no longer have the right to cancel your purchase of that digital product to obtain a refund.

How soon will I receive my Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit upon purchasing? 

Immediately! Your Not Your Chore Meal Planning Toolkit will be delivered to your email provided in a digital format. 

“I just tried the Receipt scanning apps and I can’t believe how easy it is to earn some extra cash from NOTHING! This on its own is already worth my investment from this Toolkit - Thanks Chloe!”
- Megan I.

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