Save Money with Mrs Hinch’s Product List & Cleaning Tips – Do they really work?

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Can Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips and raved product list save you money?

Since the lockdown started back in 2020, Mrs Hinch has taken the UK housewives by storm with her must-have product list & cleaning tips.

Never heard Mrs Hinch? Neither did I.

I was no cleaning fairy in my household. 

First time I discovered Mrs Hinch was from a conversation with my friend during the 1st lockdown. As she was living on her own and recently split from her partner, I was really concerned about her. 

“So what have you been doing to keep yourself occupied?” I asked. She told me that she started doing yoga, meditation, going for walks… then her eyes lit up, “I’ve been CLEANING, have you heard Mrs Hinch?” 

“No…” Responded like a non-cleaning fairy as I was. 

My friend told me to check out Mrs Hinch’s Instagram account, and excitedly told me the cleaning hacks & products that she tried and how well they worked!

Finally, she added, “cleaning has been really good for me mentally, it made me feel like there is something I am in control of.” 

Although cleaning is not my area of expertise, the money-saving aspects intrigued me.

If Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips and affordable product list worked, that would ultimately save money for keeping things last longer.

THAT is a good reason worth investigating. 

Who is Mrs Hinch? 

Mrs Hinch's product list and cleaning tips

Mrs Hinch (aka Sophie Hinchcliffe) is an Essex based cleaning sensation. The housewife and now a mum discovered cleaning in her twenties as an ultimate coping mechanism when she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. 

Nowadays, Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips & product lists on her Instagram account @mrshinchhome, have captured 4M followers cleaning obsession, worldwide!

Intrigued, I put Mrs Hinch’s raved product list to test and see if they 

  1. really work? 
  2. can they actually save money?

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

Germ Free Surfaces with Zoflora

We can’t talk about Mrs Hinch’s product list without talking about Zoflora. Now sold out everywhere, Mrs Hinch brought this cleaning stable back to life again.

Before we switched to Zoflora, Method Anti-Bac was the go-to product for our kitchen surfaces, the floor, any handles, light switches, and radiators.

It is just as effective at killing germs, cleaning surfaces and leaving your house smelling great.  

The big difference for me is the value.

Zoflora is generally used as a diluted solution, this means 1 bottle of Zoflora is equal to 12.5 bottles of Method.  Or £2 compared to £37.50 (based on £3 per bottle).

In case you were wondering, my favourite scent of Zoflora is Fresh Linen!

Tough cleaning jobs with the Pink Stuff

I think the manufacturers of Pink Stuff must absolutely love Mrs Hinsch for propelling their product to stardom!

(Extra points for those who still remember the brand)

At £0.99 this is definitely something you need in your life! It’s a mildly abrasive substance so can’t be used on all surfaces, but where it can it is great.

I have used it to totally remove all the brown stains on the bottom outside surface of our pans making them look like new, saving me many ££’s replacing them.

It’s also great on the inside of the oven, sink, BBQ’s, rust marks, and my daughter’s white trainers look like new!

Hard to remove dirt build up 

Mrs Hinch's product list and cleaning tips

Let me guess – you have a steam cleaner that came with endless attachments and extra hoses. At the time you thought was good value for money.

Unfortunately, they have been sadly banished to a dark hole somewhere in your house, ever since they came out of the box.

The truth is, no one uses them as they are time consuming to set up and generally attach to a cumbersome steam unit.  

Introducing the SONIC Scrubber. 

This clever lightweight rechargeable gadget gets 4.6 stars on Amazon.

It’s like a sonic toothbrush for your house, but with 4 brush head styles. 

You will need to use it with some cleaning products, such as the Zoflora mentioned above, The Pink Stuff paste, or some of Mrs Hinches other tricks like bicarb and white vinegar. 

The Sonic Scrubber is priced at £18.99, a fraction of the price I paid for my Karcher SC1 at £90.  

Hopefully you read this before buying a steam cleaner!

Clean Floors

Staying on the topic of avoiding buying a steam cleaner for a moment, another great money saving tip is to purchase the Flash Powermop. 

You can often pick up the starter kit for £15-20 instead of the RRP £30.  This cordless battery operated mop makes light work of the hard floors and leaves the house smelling great. 

Most steam mops can only use water so you don’t get the freshness. They also mainly just wet a cloth that you then push around the floor.  

The pad refills are around £6 for 30 and the solution is £4 for 1.25l. So after 7 purchases, you have paid for the steam cleaner. But if you clean your floors once a week, that’s nearly 4 years of cleaning. 

It’s also just so light, quick, easy and freshens the house!

For those who are more environmentally conscious, it is also good to know that the disposable pads of the Flash Powermop can be recycled. 

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Grubby Doors

Doors can be another those places that attract grubby marks but often being ignored when it comes to cleaning. Just take a look at the spot below the handle on your kitchen, utility or bathroom doors… 

If you were like me, my instant reaction was – REPAINT.  

But the thought of the effort and time it takes to repaint the doors remains only a thought never a reality.

Thanks to Mrs Hinch, you can reclaim the life of your doors without any paint jobs. Even better,  you don’t even need to spend any additional money on new cleaning products.  

Just mix one cup of fabric softener and one cup of water in a bowl, grab a microfibre cloth and get wiping.  This solution cuts through the grubby grime in no time, and leaves the house smelling like your fresh laundry.

Jewellery cleaner

There aren’t that many options these days for jewellery cleaner. The most popular is the Town Talk Silver or Gold solutions cost around £5 each.

Mrs Hinch’s jewellery cleaning tip costs £2, but the ingredients will last for many many jewellery cleaning sessions. 

The two ingredients you need are baking soda and white vinegar.  Prepare a mixture of ½ a cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.  Then soak your jewellery for 2-3 hours.  

Personally, I am a bit nervous about this because these precious jewellery pieces can come in different metals and embellishments.

I went on and did more research on the DOs and DONTs: 

  • Don’t use a cloth to rub them for extra cleaning, as the ingredients are abrasive and can damage soft metals.  
  • Also avoid anything with pearls, gemstones or crystals as the solution can remove the protective outer layer. 
  • Stick to your pure silver and gold jewellery, if they have diamonds that should be no problem.  
  • If you are concerned, use half the vinegar and replace the rest with boiling water for a milder solution.

Although this cleaning tip will indeed save you money from buying more expensive products. For me, this is one task worth splurging on simply because I don’t want to risk ruining my beloved jewellery. 

Beauty sponge cleaning

Beauty blenders or makeup sponges are the stables in every woman’s makeup bag these days.

The only downside is that it needs to be cleaned before use every time. Dirty sponges can lead to bacteria build-up which can cause irritation or acne.

I use to clean my blenders with the Beauty blender solid cleanser. While it worked well, it pains me every time to pay £16 for a soap! 

… Until I tried Mrs Hinch’s alternative money saving trick.

Simply pop your beauty blender in an old sock. Tie up the top with a hairband. Then throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

This will prolong the life of your sponges and stop them getting clogged with make-up, saving you from buying the more expensive cleanser.

Mattress stain removal

If you have young kids or pets, little accidents can happen on your mattress leaving unwanted stains and odours. 

Not treating these immediately could leave you needing a new mattress and parting with hundreds of pounds.

A neat trick from Mrs Hinch is using bicarbonate of soda.

It acts as an odour remover and helps remove the smell of wee and throw up (sorry for being blunt). It also can freshen a mattress that isn’t in such dire need of odour removal.

Simply sprinkle the bicarb on the mattress and leave it for around an hour. Then vacuum the mattress to suck up the bicarb. 

You can also add further freshness with a little spray of Zoflora solution, or Dettol antibacterial spray after the vacuuming.

Remove Sharpie marks from clothes or curtains

I have a love and hate relationship with Sharpies or any permanent markers.

As the writing stays put, it can also be the end of life for clothes, cushions, and curtains for the same reason. 

Mrs Hinch’s hack is to use hairspray and leave it for 30 seconds, then rub with a clean damp cloth.

The trick comes from the alcohol in the hairspray that breaks down the ink.

So if you don’t have any hairspray handy, you can also try hand sanitiser, rubbing alcohol, nail varnish remover or white toothpaste.

To be honest, none of these have worked the first time, and needed several repeats for the stain to go.

On the kids’ school shirts I almost gave up and considered buying new. But perseverance pays off and can save you from buying new ones.

Preventing blocked sinks

So this hack is more preventative than a cure for a properly blocked sink.  Using this regularly will keep your sink fresh, banish odours, and stop any build-up that leads to a blocked sink. 

A blocked sink will result in more expense buying plungers, gadgets, harsh chemicals or even a plumber to fix it. 

The hack works by mixing alkaline soda crystals with acidic white vinegar, which creates a fizzing chemical reaction that eats up any grease and grime in your sink.

Simply add one cup of soda crystals and one cup of white vinegar to your sink and leave it for30 mins.  Then pour a full kettle of boiling water down the sink to rinse it away.

Spotless mirrors and windows

Another Mrs Hinch’s repurposed cleaning hack is to use Autoglym fast glass (marketed for cars) for mirrors and window glasses.

So if you have a bottle of underused Autoglym laying around in your garage, you can introduce it to a whole new world =) 

Don’t have Autoglym fast glass? 

No problem. The alternative cleaning hack is to simply use 3 items from Mrs Hinch’s must-have product list. 

Mix washing up liquid and a bit of fabric softener in warm water and use the Minky cloth to wipe it down.

For spotless looking windows, you can finish it by using a squeegeeing to remove the excess water. 

The secret ingredients here – fabric softener helps the finish smear-free. 

Refresh tiled floor 

Mrs Hinch's product list and cleaning tips

What’s the biggest difference between a new tiled floor and an old one? 

Mucky grout in between the tiles. 

These stubborn marks usually can’t be fetched by the steam mob, they need something more heavy duty, like the 

£1 Elbow Grease. 

Companied by the Minky sponge, this dream team brought the grout in my kitchen floors back to life. Again avoiding an expensive bill to get them re-grouted.

It works great on bathroom floor too.

To avoid the manual scrubbing, you can also use the SonicScrubber, mentioned above. 

Final thoughts on Mrs Hinch’s product list and cleaning tips

So after trying Mrs Hinch’s cult product list and cleaning hacks, do they really work and save you money?

The verdict –

I am really impressed and a little obsessed… 

A few Mrs Hinch’s raved products became our household cleaning essentials, like the Pink Stuff, Minky Sponge, and Zoflora.

I love the fact that each item only cost a couple of quid. Even better, they are also multipurpose which save money from buying a load of products.

Keeping your household items cleaned and well maintained will prolong their lives. Ultimately, you save money from having to replace them more often. 

Finally, from me testing out these Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips and product list, I started to enjoy cleaning…  And the bonus – a cleaner house! 

Want to give a try? 

Here’s Mrs Hinch’s product list mentioned above: 

Although these products are cheap as chips, they are hard to find these days.

I had to hunt them down from my local B&M, the Range, and Aldi. 

So to save you some time, I have compiled the full Mrs Hinch’s product list HERE

  • Zoflora
  • Pink stuff
  • Minky sponge
  • Elbow grease
  • Lenor fabric softener
  • Soda crystals 
  • White vinegar
  • SonicScrubber
  • Flash powermop starter kit
  • Bicarbonate soda
  • Dettol antibacterial spray
  • Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover 

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Mrs Hinch's product list and cleaning tips

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