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Wondering how to sell more on Facebook Marketplace and earn some extra cash from things that you no longer need? 

Decluttering and selling things online has become one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. Not only did I get the instant gratification of clearing up a space, but the extra cash I made from selling these unwanted items was the cherry on the cake. 

Lately, Facebook Marketplace has been my #1 choice when it comes to selling the big and bulky stuff… you know, items that take lots of real estate. 

Like most families, we have accrued lots of stuff over the years as our family grows.  Resulting in the loft and garage being used as storage / dumping grounds for many items.  You know when you have reached this stage when you need to apologise or make excuses for your garage anytime anyone actually sees inside. 

This summer, my husband and I finally decided to tackle our very cluttered garage. 

The result?

We made over £1500 selling things we no longer need on Facebook Marketplace and reclaimed our garage! 

In this post I want to share 13 best tips from my experience to help you sell more on Facebook Marketplace. 

Is Facebook Marketplace a good place to sell?

The simple answer is yes.

The biggest advantage to selling on Facebook Marketplace is that while it provides the social media platform (or venue) for members to sell items, it does not facilitate any transactions, therefore there is no selling fees

Based on my experience Facebook Marketplace tends to have more used items than new, which is again a major difference to eBay.

Here people are looking for bargains! and if you follow my best tips below, you will be able to sell more on Facebook Marketplace. Items you no longer want, need or value, quickly and easily.  Which can earn you some decent amounts of money.

Another clear advantage of Facebook Marketplace is it tends to operate locally or regionally, allowing you to sell more items that are bulky, hard or costly to ship.

We also found if it’s going to sell – it sells fast, either the same day or a couple of days (max). More on that later…

13 Best Tips to Sell More on Facebook Marketplace: 

So without further ado, here are my best tips after our very successful summer garage declutter to help you sell more on Facebook Marketplace:

1. Use Original Description

Finding the original descriptions online and using the specifications and features to help you describe what you are selling.  Make an effort in writing a full description, being as helpful as possible. 

2. Be Honest

Be honest with the condition of the item, at the end of the day, it’s used. Be upfront and honest on the condition, including specific details on any bumps, grazes or damage.  No-one likes a bad surprise even if it’s a great bargain.

3. Take Good Pictures

Again reference the original pictures of the item, but recreate your own and don’t forget to detail any flaws related to the condition. Phone pictures are perfect, no special equipment required. Just make sure the light is decent and the pictures are clear. Taking good pictures for each item is the key to sell more on Facebook Marketplace. 

4. Research

Do your research before pricing the item. Search on Facebook Marketplace, eBay etc to determine a reasonable starting price where the item is likely to sell, and you will be happy with the money earned. 

This will also give you an idea of how many similar items are listed within your area, and the length of the listing lets you know if they are selling.

Remember it’s all about supply vs. demand. 

This summer we sold our double bike trailer for more than we paid for NEW because everyone was looking to buy, and it wasn’t readily available online. 

5. Time It Right

If you want to get rid of things quickly, when to list the items is important. You want to put an item up to sell when people are most likely looking, and that is during the weekend!

Based on my experience, Friday or Saturday is the best time to list an item because people have more time scrolling on the phone to buy stuff, and still allow them time to pick on the weekend if they want it right away. 

6. Use Facebook Group

Use the local buy and sell Facebook Groups, when creating your listing you can add up to 20 groups to list the item.  Choose the ones locally to you with the most members.

7. Meeting Up rather than Picking Up

Meeting up the buyer rather than picking up from your home. This is purely for safety.  This is an online transaction after all, where you can check limited details on the buyer.  Therefore, after an agreed sale, and ideally a Paypal or bank transfer.  Arrange to hand over the item in an agreed public place. (This might not always be possible depending on the size of the item)

8. Be specific about pick up

You can add this detail in your listing.  Such as the buyer must collect from your local area etc. 

9. Be Specific on the Price

While the price is on the listing but depends on how much you are willing to negotiate, the final price is generally agreed through messaging with the buyer. I am always clear the price is the price agreed, no haggling on collection.

10. Don’t Close the Door Until It’s Sold

Be clear with prospective buyers, until the sale is complete they have a chance. If the sale falls through you can let people who messaged you know the item is still available.This is why you don’t haggle!

11. Lower the Price

If your items do not sell within a couple of days, you need to do something. Give it a week then lower the price.  This not only makes it a better bargain but relists the item, so it’s fresh in the Marketplace.  If a couple of price drops don’t work, it’s probably not going to sell – so donate or recycle.

12. Don’t Post Too Many Items

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is more personal and interactive than other platforms. Therefore limit your items, if not you will get overwhelmed with the messages you receive, and non-stop arrangements to hand over the items.

13. Get Paid before the Handover

Where possible, get paid before the handover – either Paypal or a bank transfer.  Last option is cash – this is the hagglers’ preference, and you need to ensure you have change!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Sell More on Facebook Marketplace 

What percentage does Facebook marketplace take?


Facebook makes its money from the advertising on Facebook. They are not involved in the transaction in any way.  They only provide a social platform (or venue) for you to sell your items.  This means you have no rights with Facebook with regards to any transaction.  

This is a private transaction between you and the seller.

What sells fast on Facebook marketplace?

Based on our garage declutter. Childrens bikes, furniture, and sporting equipment were the hot items.

Some of which we had bought second hand and sold for the same price, and on one occasion (The double bike trailer) more than we paid. 

Baby items like pushchairs were a little harder, mainly due to the choice already available.  

Don’t expect big money, but what else are you going to use it for – as long as you are finished in that department 🙂

What doesn’t sell well on Facebook Marketplace?

The items we didn’t sell were children’s books, a smartwatch strap and pushchair travel bag….so that’s pretty hard to summarise.  

But I would say, people are looking for bargains, so if you want a high price, or near market value price other platforms maybe better.

I would also add, for me, it’s not worth the hassle for lots of small items, consider bundles of small items rather than an individual. I tend to list things over £20.

Facebook marketplace is also not the best place for selling your clothes, especially those that you want to get some good price for, instead THIS is your better option. 

How do you get paid with Facebook marketplace?

This is up to you.

  1. Paypal – always my first choice, simple, quick and easy and you only need to provide basic information.
  2. Bank Transfer – second due to the need to give your bank account details away.
  3. Cash – less popular these days.  Generally no issue at all. However you need to be prepared to have change, and it seems to leave the door open for a last minute haggle.

Final thoughts on 13 Best Tips to Sell More on Facebook Marketplace

When I started selling on Facebook Marketplace, it was about clearing our cluttered garage.

Then I realised I could actually make some decent cash in the process, but then something else happened…

I made people happy.  People have been generally appreciative for the items they have got at bargain prices.  

We have had young girls loving their new bikes.

Future grandmother helps to get prepared for new arrivals.

So much so I have even sold without listing, after people collecting asked what else I have to sell and could I message them directly before listing.

So, hand on heart I can say selling on Facebook Marketplace has been a great experience, and if you are still on the fence, I strongly recommend to give it a go. 

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Tips for selling more on facebook marketplace

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