How to flip a blog for profit? An Interview with Chelsea Clarke on The Blog Flipping Course

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Want to learn how to flip a blog for profit? 

It’s probably no-news to you that blogging is a great way to earn passive income, but did you know you can buy, develop and sell blogs to make a profit (just like flipping houses)? 

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the blog flipping extraordinaire – Chelsea Clarke, who sold million of dollars in websites.

We are going to get the lowdown on how to flip a blog for profit, and how YOU can do it too!

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A little bit about Chelsea Clarke…

Chelsea Clarke

Chelsea Clarke is a Content Monetization Strategist, investor, and Business Intermediary.

She went from being a waitress earning $11 an hour to the founder and CEO of a 7 figure company.

She now helps investors acquire profitable niche online businesses at her brokerage, while providing an avenue for digital creators to have gainful exits from those businesses.

Chelsea teaches marketing and growth-hacking strategies at HerPaperRoute, and is on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs make more paper in business.

What exactly is blog flipping?

Hey, Chloe thanks for having me! 

Blog flipping is when you buy a website, fix it up and sell it for much more than you paid for it.

It’s just like house flipping where you buy a house that needs work. You renovate it, make it look and function better, and then you sell it for profit.

Only with blog flipping, you don’t need a mortgage or a team of contractors to be successful. Instead, you can do it yourself on any budget you want. 

How did you get started flipping blogs? 

Before I started my own company, I worked in corporate marketing for many years, building websites, running promotions, and blogging for big brands. 

Many years ago, I was working at a business brokerage and was inspired by the brokers there. Although I wasn’t too interested in selling brick-and-mortar businesses as they did, I saw an opportunity in selling blogs and online businesses. 

I sold a few of my own websites and shared the journey on “how to flip a blog” on my blog –

Pretty soon I started to become known as the go-to woman when it comes to how to flip a blog online! People kept asking me how to buy a blog and how to sell a blog for profit. 

So I trained to become a business broker, and then applied the principles to brokering websites for online business owners, and opened the marketplace

While at the same time, continuing to build and sell my own websites. I have now compiled my experience and education into The Blog Flipping course (more on this later), so that other creators can learn how to successfully buy, develop and sell a blog too. 

How much can you make by flipping a blog? 

There is no cap to how much you can make flipping blogs. The more your website earns means the more you can sell it for. 

If you are starting with a small budget, you can get started by buying smaller sites. Ones that aren’t as established, that are available for cheap, sometimes under $2000.

Put some work into it, get it generating traffic and income and then sell it for up to 36x its monthly profit. Plus, you are earning income while you are working on it – so oftentimes you’ll get your ROI before you even sell the site. 

Let’s say you bought a blog that was earning $50/mo for $2000. You then spent a year growing the site, and brought the monthly income up to $200 per month. After a year you sell it for $7,200. 

  • Purchase the site: $2000
  • Income earned while you are working on it: $2,400 ($200×12)
  • Sold for: $7,200
  • Profit: $7,600 = $7,200 – $2000 + $2,400 

If you have more of a startup budget to work with you can buy a more established website, and then the returns can be higher.

Another nice thing about buying profitable websites is that they are earning money already, so you get instant ROI when you take over ownership. 

In the past year, I’ve sold over a million dollars in sites, and I earn 6 figures/year from blogging income in general. But there is no rule for how much you will make – it depends on how much time you want to spend working on a site, what types of revenue streams, and traffic sources you focus on! 

Can anyone learn how to flip a blog and make a profit from it? 


If you have an interest in blogging already and have some experience running a blog then you are already 50% of the way there. 

Many of the things you are doing now to grow your blog are the same things you would need to do to make it attractive to buyers so that you can sell it. 

The other 50% can be learned by anyone, and it’s all taught in the Blog Flipping Mastermind course. 

So tell us more about the Blog Flipping (masterclass) course, what does it cover? 

How to flip a blog? Chelsea Clarke the blog flipping masterclass

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This program is a self-paced online course covering everything you need to successfully buy and sell a blog for profit and everything in between. 

The course divides into 3 phases: 

  1. The first phase, showing you how to either start a blog from scratch, or how to find and buy a website, know what to look for, and know-how to perform due diligence before you invest. 
  2. Then we dive into the growth phase of developing a site, covering the content side (writing, brand voice, monetization, product creation, and more) and the traffic side (SEO, Pinterest, social media marketing, attracting readers and customers…) 
  3. The third phase of the program focuses on preparing your site to sell. Covering what buyers look for, how much they will pay and for what, setting up your listing, managing the sale, how to actually transfer your website to the new owner smoothly, and much much more. 

Who is the Blog Flipping course best suited for?

The Blog Flipping Mastermind course is for anyone who is curious about selling websites for profit. It’s great if you already have blogging experience – but it’s not required! 

Blog flipping isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme – it requires effort on your part. But it can become a source of passive income once you have put the foundations and systems in place (which is taught in the course). 

So anyone who understands that, and has the desire to put the work in will be a great fit for the program.  

How does the course ensure it suits students at different levels in their blogging journey? 

The stand-alone course is built for both established content creators as well as total newbies. The way the program is laid out is we start at the basics and then the training gets more and more advanced as you go. 

So even if you are brand new, knowing nothing about blogging, you’re taken care of. Or if you are a pro blogger who is enrolled just for the flipping elements, then the intro lessons at the beginning can be a good reminder of some things you may have forgotten.   

Another cool thing is we have a second-level to this program, a group coaching membership/mastermind where we meet Saturday mornings over Zoom and chat about what you are working on with your site. 

In these calls, members get personalized feedback and coaching from me, and support and networking from the other members too. The membership also includes a training portal of additional resources, masterclasses and templates not included in the stand-alone course. 

You can join the membership on its own, or you can add the membership to your course, at checkout when you sign up for the course.

The membership is an awesome experience (and the only way to get coaching from me without having to spend thousands on my regular 1:1 coaching sessions!)

What separates this course from other blogging courses? 

As we are all aware there are thousands of blogging courses out there. Some great, some terrible. I am enrolled in over 500 of them, because as a marketer, I study what the competition does, and am constantly striving to make my content the best. 

The Blog Flipping Masterclass goes beyond blogging, as a holistic one-stop-shop for actually growing and then selling your blog. Not just telling you the generic blogging fluff you’ve heard a million times. But actually showing you how to do it, giving you a solid, practical blueprint you can actually use. 

When you are a student of my program, you get my 15 years of experience as a successful 7-figure blogger and blog flipper, backed by my degree and work experience in media and marketing, and also my expertise as a business broker who specializes in selling online businesses. There aren’t any other blogging course creators who can say that. 

How to flip a blog? Chelsea Clarke the blog flipping masterclass

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As a beginner, is it better to start a new blog or buy one that needs fixing? 

I truly believe that everyone should have the experience of starting a website from scratch. And by scratch, I don’t mean coding HTML pages or anything like that. But you should experience the process of setting up WordPress, installing a theme, and familiarizing yourself with the backend of your site. 

This is a valuable experience that will help you in the long run. (These steps are also included in the Blog Flipping course). Once you have started and grown your first site you will be well-equipped to take on buying sites that need work!

What are the main criteria I should consider when buying a blog?

First, you should consider what your interests are. Because you will always have a much easier time developing a site in a niche that you personally have an interest in. Believe me! 

When you are looking at blogs for sale, consider the types of revenue streams they earn from.

If a site earns primarily from passive income like affiliate marketing, digital products, and ad revenue, that may be appealing to you. 

Or you may be more interested in partnering with brands for sponsored income and will want to focus on buying a blog that has some direct sponsorship partnerships established in place. 

Look at where the traffic comes from geographically, the demographics, and the main traffic sources, and then see if that’s an audience that makes sense for you. 

It really comes down to what you personally want, everyone’s criteria will be different.  But some good things to look for in general are: 

  • Quality original content
  • Niche-specific content (not too many topics on one site) 
  • Diversified traffic sources 
  • Diversified revenue streams
  • Opportunities where you see you can improve

Where do I sell my blogs? 

When you are ready to sell your blog, I would invite you to come and fill out a free valuation form to find out “how much is my blog worth?”.

If your application is approved, we can list your blog on the BlogsForSale marketplace and connect you with buyers and investors right away!

Any final advice for those who are thinking about flipping blogs for profit? 

Go for it! 

Blog flipping can be an incredibly fun, rewarding, and profitable venture. One that you can do on your own terms, within your own control. 

In my experience, it’s the best job that never actually feels like work, because I enjoy it so much. 

Thank you so much Chelsea for chatting with us! 

Here are what some of Chelsea’s students say about the course…

“I have bills and a brand new baby to take care of. My money is precious, and I know yours is too. If you’re going to invest in (your blog) I cannot recommend Chelsea ENOUGH!”

Victoria @ImperfectlyMama

“If you are considering flipping your blog, then honestly, you should take this course. It will save you a lot of headaches and frustrations, because otherwise, you might run into all kinds of roadblocks and end up wasting time and money and not being able to flip your blog for what it could have been worth.”

Venese from

“Chelsea’s guidance has been really helpful in my business. There is a lot of information outthere. Her course will save you time and provide you with tools to launch your business.”

>>> Get $50 off using my special code CHLOE50 at the check out <<<

Final thought on How to flip a blog? An interview with Chelsea Clarke and the Blog Flipping Course  

Wow, that was a jam-packed session with Chelsea on everything you need to know about blog flipping for profit and how you can get started. 

Like blogging, blog flipping can be just as lucrative. Chelsea’s journey in earning 7-figures has proven that and now she is teaching you how to do exactly that.

There is plenty of free information on the internet on how to start a blog, or how to flip a blog. But if you are someone who is already tight with time, it’s definitely worth investing in a high-quality course to save you from trial and error.

How to flip a blog? An interview with Chelsea Clarke and the Blog Flipping Course [Pin it later…] 

How to sell a blog? The blog flipping course with Chelsea Clarke

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  1. Fatoumata

    Hey. I have never heard of this idea before. This is truly amazing and I can already see myself working with this. It’s a business on its own.

    Reinvesting in your own business has been a term I have heard since starting with affiliate marketing and it makes soo much sense.

    Thanks for sharing, and I will sure to check out her sites to learn more about blog flipping. 

    1. Chloe

      I didn’t know blog flipping was a thing not too long ago before I found Chelsea’s Blog Flipping course. Definitely worth checking it out if you are already in the affiliate marketing business. 

  2. Norman

    Flipping blogs are lucrative businesses, this is a great way to make money and I know of some internet professionals that are do just that and are successful. I believe this is a great way to earn passive income, I know of someone who sold his website for 30 million dollars. That is a lot of money. Thanks much for sharing.

    1. Chloe

      Flipping websites is like flipping houses without the upfront investment. You can really do it on budget. By taking the right course can fast-track success. Thanks for stopping by. 

  3. Ann

    I started in affiliate marketing sometime ago. And I have managed to build a decent income monthly. It’s not a full month wage but it’s on the side and maintenance is quite low. However, I need to frequently think about new things to add to this site, new blog post ideas, and so on. I have honestly lost interest in that niche site. But I don’t want to let it drop completely because commissions would drop too. So, I thought in selling my blog and investing the money and full energy into a new project.

    1. Chloe

      I totally feel you. It’s impossible to maintain all the blogs at the same time, and sometimes our interests move on to something else. Selling the blog that you are no longer wanting to invest time in is a smart way to transition to something you’d rather focus on instead. Sounds like you are in the perfect position to take advantage of Chelsea’s Blog Flipping Masterclass. Good luck! 

  4. Lily

    What an excellent article Chloe, I never knew about Chelsea and I loved reading your interview on how she flips blogs. I was super impressed with her answers and really began to understand how she does it. I just had to click through the links to see her course and price. A great setup. Thanks for letting us into her world.

    1. Chloe

      Glad this post introduced you to how to flip a blog for profit. What Chelsea was able to achieve was really impressive, and now she is putting all her expertise in her course Blog Flipping Masterclass, teaching others to do exactly the same. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Bushra

    Website flipping is a very lucrative business.  Buying websites that are making some money, improving them, and then selling them for a profit is a great way to earn money online.

    If you don’t have time, you can outsource it to build the website up and start flipping websites in high volume and earn money online .

    Thanks a lot for sharing a blog flipping masterclass and blog’s valuation link with us. I will check out Chelsea Clarke’s website to learn more about blog flipping.

    1. Chloe

      Glad you found it helpful! 

  6. Anitha D'souza

    Wow. I never thought that was possible. Never thought of flipping blogs before. Thanks for sharing this

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      This is definitely one of those little-known secrets, even for many seasoned bloggers. Chelsea’s Blog flipping masterclass will teach you the exact strategy on how to flip a blog for profit.

  7. Natasha

    This is honestly such a cool thing! I’ve sold my website before, but I’ve never flipped one!

    1. Chloe

      In Chelsea’s Blog Flipping Masterclass, you will learn the strategies of how to purchase a blog, what to look for, and how to increase the value of the blog before selling it for profit.

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      Not many people know about this lucrative way of earning passive income online. Glad you found it helpful!

  10. I had no idea that you could flip blogs for profit. That’s awesome. I have been wonder ways other then ads to make money from blogging.

    1. Chloe

      Start a blog of your interest with the intention to sell it, is a great way to earn passive income, yet not many people know about it =)

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