35 High Performing Tailwind Tribes to Join For Pinterest

Want your Pinterest pins to go viral? you need Tailwind tribes for Pinterest. 

In case you haven’t heard of Tailwind… It is a Pinterest approved auto scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram. But it is so much more than that… 

Tailwind tribe is one of the best features in Tailwind. It works similarly to Pinterest group boards, but BETTER. 


Because it is designed specifically for content creators and bloggers to promote their pins on Pinterest. Each tribe has its own rules to hold tribemates accountable on sharing others’ pins and the quality of the pins. The best of all, it has statistics to help you to decide what tribes are performing. 

But there are SOOOO MANY tribes out there, which ones are the best to join? Especially if you are on Tailwind Plus Plan or even Tribes Pro Plan, you have a maximum 5 or 10 tribes to join. Therefore, you need to choose wisely. 

Today, I will be sharing with you what to look for when joining Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest. To help you fast track your process, I have curated # High performing Tailwind tribes on different niches for you to join. 

Tailwind tribes for Pinterest

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What to look for when choosing Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest?

1. Search for Tribes that are relevant to your niche

Unlike Pinterest Group Boards, that sometimes can be a dumping ground for all topics, Tailwind tribes are topic specifics. Some are more broad topics, while others are more specific. 

Choosing the tribes that are relevant to your content will help you to put pins in front of the right audience. As a result, you will get more re-shares and find more quality pins that you can share. 


When you type keywords in the “Find a Tribe” search bar, think of keywords that you / your site want to be known for. The most relevant tribes will appear.

Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest

2. Make sure there are enough members in the tribe

Next to the tribe name, it shows how many members there are in the tribe. While it’s not necessarily to say the more members the better tribe, however, I recommend to go for the Public tribes that have more than 300 members as a rule of thumb. This way you can ensure there are enough members to share your content, and enough content to re-share.  


If you are new to Tailwind tribes, join the Public tribes (ones with green buttons) first, so you can start sharing your pins right away. But don’t just stop there. If you see any tribes that have high performing metrics but have a blue button “Request to join”. Do request it. It’s great if you get accepted, however, it may take a few days.

3. Activity level

Next to the # of members, is the ACTIVITY Score, which reflects how frequently members of this tribe submit and share each others’s content compared to other tribes. 


Choose tribes that are 4 or 5 in ACTIVITY level this is a good indication of an active tribe.

4. Check Tailwind tribes Virality score for Pinterest

Once you find a tribe that has enough members and with a high activity score, I also recommend to check out the Virality Score. 

This is a crucial one, however it takes some calculating.

Virality Score =  # Re-pins / # All pins 

You can find # Re-pins and # All pins when you click “Preview tribe”. 

The Virality Score reflects how effectively the pins are being re-pinned. If the score is below 1, it probably means that people have stopped pinning from this tribe, or they have pinned to low quality boards. This is not the best return for your effort.

Let’s take 2 tribes as an example:

“Healthy Vegan Recipes” Tribe has a vitality score of 1.86, which is not bad. But “Vegan Recipes & Meal Planning” Tribe scores 6.25 in Virality, which is amazing! By choosing the 2nd Tribe, you are maximising the chances of your pins getting repined. 

Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest


Choose the tribes that has a Virality score >1 as a rule of thumb.

To help you out, I have calculated the Virality Score for each of the 35 high performing tribes below in the table. 

5. Check out the content before you join

Finally, before you join the tribe, check the rules and the content of the tribe first, so you can be 100% sure before you join it. 

Now you know what you are looking for when it comes to choosing Tailwind tribes for Pinterest. Here are # high performing Tailwind tribes that you can join for Pinterest: 

35 High Performing Tailwind Tribes You Can Join for Pinterest

Marketing Niche

Lifestyle - Health & Fitness

Lifestyle - Beauty & Fashion

Food & Drinks

Personal Finance


Mommy (Parenting)

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  1. Leo

    Since I discovered tailwind, it has proven to be truly useful to my endeavors. Though I’m still in the process of getting familiar with all of its functionalities, I think the tailwind tribe is definitely worth looking into. I must say, this article has totally simplified what would have otherwise been a very time-consuming task. It is easier now to find a befitting tribe. Thanks a lot

    1. Chloe

      I hear you Leo – learning a new tool can be time consuming… 

      I hope this list can help you to be more efficient in choosing the right Tribes. 


  2. Steve

    Tailwind looks like an incredibly helpful tool to help get my blog the traffic it needs in order to be successful! I honestly didn’t really know how best to utilize Pinterest to support my blog, but this seems like it would be a great help. I saw your button to try 100 pins and 5 tribes for free. What is the cost should you exceed those, or do you even see there being a need to do so? Thanks for the post!

    1. Chloe

      Hey Steve, 

      Pinterest is a great way to grow your reach and explode your blog traffic, especially if it’s newish. Tailwind is the best tool for Pinterest. 

      Once you finished the free trail, it’s $10/mo (for annal payment) for a basic plan, where you get 30 tribe submission/mo and 5 tribes. For $15/mo, you can upgrade to 80 tribe submission/mo and 10 tribes. 

      Hope this helps.


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