Get Paid To Nap: 12 Ways To Earn Money While You Sleep

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Make money while you sleep – it sounds like a dream – but could it come true? Everybody loves napping. A good nap can help reenergize us and power through our day. Everybody loves making money while they sleep too. There’s nothing better than passive income piling up for the eight hours you (hopefully) sleep each night.

What if we could combine the two? Not just napping or making money while you sleep, but getting paid to nap? Believe it or not, there are many ways to get paid to nap. Check out these options below.

1. Hotel Mystery Shopper

This is similar to restaurant mystery shoppers, only for hotels instead. Pretending to be a run-of-the-mill guest, you’ll go through the entire hotel experience: checking in, checking out, quality of service, amenities, food, and of course – sleeping!

After your stay, you’ll submit how you felt about the overall experience to hotel management. They’ll use your info plus feedback from other mystery shoppers to improve their hotel.

You can find hotel mystery shopper jobs on and get paid to sleep at five-star hotels!

2. Sleep Product Tester

There are two ways to earn money via sleep product testing. The first is to have an online presence (such as a blog or social media profile). In this case, you purchase sleep products, try them out, and then put your findings online. If you gain enough of a following, you could eventually get products sent to you for free.

The other way is to find paid gigs through sites such as or and sign up for their sleep studies.

3. Eachnight

Eachnight is a company that is all about sleeping. It offers guides on mattresses, bedding, and sleeping. Eachnight also does sleep research and occasionally asks for help from its readers.

Eachnight will hire people to help assess their naps, and weigh up the pros and cons. When chosen to participate, you’ll get paid to nap by filling out a questionnaire about each nap you take. In addition, each night will post opportunities on their website as they arise, so stay posted on what’s coming!

4. Hotel Blogger

Before booking a hotel, most people read through reviews online. As mentioned earlier, hotel or travel bloggers generate a large amount of this content. It could take a while before you have a blog that makes money, but with enough work (and some good shuteye at hotels), you too could earn money from your hotel blog and get paid to nap.

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5. Sleep Junkie

Sleep Junkie is another company that focuses on sleep. Like eachnight, Sleep Junkie will recruit participants for studies through their website. You can test mattresses, blankets, pillows, bed sheets, or any other sleep product. Occasionally, they will even let you keep the products you’re testing. Get paid to nap and get given free stuff? Talk about a win-win for you!

6. Get Paid to Sleep for NASA

Are you keen to earn while napping but are looking for something more scientific? How about sleeping for NASA? It doesn’t get much more scientific than that!

NASA does tons of sleep research to help astronauts (and those of us stuck on this planet). Not only will you get paid to nap – you’ll help advance the human race. If you are interested, you can find potential sleep studies on

7. Line Sitter

Ever seen the lines for a new iPhone or other hot products? They can be pretty insane. Some people are willing to camp out overnight just to be the first to get their hands on that coveted new item. Then there are those who want to get these new products on launch day, but don’t want to wait in line. That’s where you come in as a line sitter. Yes, you can get hired to sit in line all night long until the actual person shows up just before the store opens to get their stuff.

You’ll get paid a nice chunk of change every second you are online, including in your sleep!

8. Overnight Pet Sitter

Another way to get paid to nap is by being an overnight pet sitter. When pet owners go away for a night or two, they can’t always find help with their pets. That is where you come to the rescue. Pet owners will pay to have you come to their house and sleep overnight to keep an eye on their pets.

Sites like let you sign up and create a profile for potential clients to find you. Then, if you are fortunate, you’ll discover clients with multiple pets and start making money in your sleep.

9. Overnight Caregiver

Overnight caregiving isn’t just for pets. There is a demand for similar services for children or the elderly too. Like pet sitting, you’ll stay overnight, take care of anything that comes up, and get paid for it. is a popular site for these kinds of services. You can get started by setting up a profile on this trusted platform.

10. Sleep Executive

‘Sleep executive’ sounds like a very important sleeper, and they are. Sleep products are not the only products that can affect our sleep. Manufacturers of curtains, shutters, and blinds are also interested in helping consumers get a better night’s sleep.

To get paid to nap as a sleep executive, you’ll use and review different products of these interior designers under several conditions to see how it changes your sleep. Then, you can report back your findings to help make their products better for everyone.

11. Sleep Research Centers

Sleep product manufacturers aren’t the only ones conducting sleep studies. Since sleep is such an essential part of our lives, many different organizations research it, including hospitals, clinics, and universities. So if you want to get paid to nap, there are potential opportunities with any of these and more.

Many scientific studies examine how different sleeping conditions can change our brain waves, heartbeat, respiration amount, and other sleep factors. In addition, you can search for sleep studies near you to get paid to nap.

Be aware that some sleep studies look to find the effects of sleep deprivation, so be careful which you choose!

12. Get Paid to Stream Commercials on Your Phone While Sleeping

Ok, this one is more like getting paid while napping, not getting paid to nap, but I’m going to count it anyway. Many sites like InboxDollars will pay you to stream commercials. When it’s time to hit the hay, start streaming the commercials with the volume down. You can even put your phone in another room if the light bothers you. You’ll have 8 hours of commercial steaming income when you wake up.

Tips for Good Napping

What good is it to get paid to nap if you’re not good at it? Below are some tips you can use to get the best naps possible.

Set an Alarm

Sometimes a nap that goes too long can be worse than a shorter nap. On top of that, if you nap too long, you might not be tired at your usual bedtime. To avoid such pitfalls, set the alarm for your desired wake-up time. You’ll also be more relaxed knowing that you’ll wake up exactly when you want to be.

Find a Quiet Place

Finding a quiet, dark place to nap away from distractions helps you enter slumber much faster. Of course, make sure the site you choose is a comfortable temperature as well.

Avoid Naps Late in the Day

If you nap too late into the day, you’ll struggle to fall asleep that night. Once you do that, you’ll be tired again the next day and need another nap, see the vicious cycle? Make sure you avoid napping too late into the day to ensure your circadian rhythm (sleep schedule) stays on track, as it can be difficult to fix later. Try not to nap within 7 hours of your typical bedtime.

Avoid Caffeine 

Many people think having an afternoon cup of coffee won’t affect their sleep at night, but sleep experts disagree. Even caffeine in the early afternoon can make it harder to fall asleep for a nap or at night. For the most restful sleep, avoid caffeine hours before your slumber.

Give Yourself Time to Wake Up

Don’t set your alarm for 2 minutes before you need to be somewhere. Make sure you give yourself enough time to nap and that you won’t be in a rush once you wake up. You can be more relaxed before and after napping by giving yourself enough time after your nap.


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Get Paid to Nap – Final Thoughts

Sleep product studies and sleep studies will provide you with many ways to quickly get paid to nap. Companies are always trying to improve their products, and science is always looking for ways to better the human race. You can be a part of as much or as little sleeping science as you like, but there are plenty of opportunities. Don’t forget, when napping, find a quiet, comfortable place and set an alarm time that gives you plenty of wake-up time post-nap too!

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