Earn Free Cash Instantly: How I Made £19.20 in 30min. with OhMyDosh!

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I am constantly looking for easy ways to earn free cash online instantly

This week I’m testing out a UK site – OhMyDosh!

While I heard lots of positive reviews, I wanted to test it out for myself to see what is it all about, how to earn free cash instantly and is ohmydosh legit or a scam…

And the result?

I made no-so-shabby £19.20 in 30min. with OhMyDosh!, and I can’t wait to share with you just how easy this is!

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What is OhMyDosh!?

OhMyDosh! is one of the best UK websites that you can earn free cash instantly online by completing offers, trails, surveys and many more. Some offers are from well-known companies such as HayU, Amazon and Tesco, just to name a few.

Their tagline is “Give a little time, get a lotta dosh“, which promises an easy way of making money online.

So if you are interested in making some extra cash online, and enjoying trying out products and services, OhMyDosh! could be for you!

To get started, all you need is a computer and the internet.

NOTE: Only UK residence can access and benefit from this website.

Ohmydosh home screen

Earn free cash instantly – How does Ohmydosh work?

To earn extra free cash instantly with OhMyDosh!, all you need to do is to follow the 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Pick an offer

OhMyDosh! houses a big range of offers, categories such as Trails, Fashion & Beauty, Insurance, Utilities & Telecoms, just to name a few. Some offers are evergreen, but there are also new offers on a regular basis.

So once you signed up, start with picking an offer.

Step 2: Complete an offer

Every offer has different terms and conditions outlined in the instructions. Just make sure you read them before clicking the green “Earn £” button.

Some offers you don’t have to spend any of you own money, however, some ask you to spend a small amount before you make a profit.

Step 3: Pending to be paid

Once you completed the offer, the advertiser will let you know automatically when they received your information and the task has been completed. This processing time can vary, but it will tell you in the offer instructions.

Step 4: Get paid on OhMyDosh!

Once the advertiser confirms your offer completion, you will get paid in cash on your OhMyDosh account. The average time from pending to payable is 30 days, but this varies by the offer.

Step 5: Cash out

Once your cash balance is over £10, you can cash out to your bank account or PayPal. It usually takes 5 working days to process the payment but is quicker if you choose PayPal.

How I made £19.20 in 30min. with OhMyDosh?

I signed up as a new account, which took less than 2 minutes by entering some basic information.

To set me a challenge, I allocated a time limit of 30min. to see how much I can make by completing the offers.

I started with the “Hot Offers” category to pick out some high earning items. Because I wanted to minimize the spending, the “No Spend” category was great to filter out all the offers that I don’t actually have to pay out of my pocket first.

I did, however, end up paying a small amount to make a profit for a couple of offers. That’s just because it promised an instant profit anyway, and I really like the products.

One of the offers was to spend £3 for a trial box with Simply cook that includes 4 recipe kits with flavour pots and 20min. recipe cards for 4 people. In return, I make £5 on OhMyDosh!, which leads to a profit of £2. Pretty cool right?

At the end of the 30min., I managed to make £19.20!

Here are the offers I completed:

  • OhMyDosh! welcome & email confirmation bonus £1
  • HayU 30 day free trial £2.5
  • Readly spend 99p for1month magazine free trail £2.5
  • Simply Cook Get £3 box to earn £5
  • Follow OhMyDosh! Instagram and subscribe their Youtube channel £0.20
  • Amazon prime video 30 day free trial £4
  • First News try 3 issues for £1 to earn £2.5
  • Which spend £1 for 30 day free trial to earn £2.5

This makes total earning = £19.20, minus the £4.99 spent = £14.21 Profit

Below is what my account looked like after… 

Earn free cash instantly with OhMyDosh

There are a few offers that I could have easily done within the 30min. but I wasted too much time going back and forth picking offers.

I am still pretty pleased with the outcome! If I had an hour, I could have made nearly £30, not bad right?

Other ways to earn free cash instantly

With the offers I completed in 30min, I have only scratched the surface…

Here are some other ways that you can earn free cash instantly with OhMyDosh!

  • Surveys
  • Sign up offers
  • Earn cash by taking insurance policies. This is great if you are in the market shopping for insurance policies anyway.
  • Earn cash back by shopping from selected major brands online
  • Daily dosh giveaway, where they pick 1 winner for £10 every day.
  • Earn by playing Lotteries, Bingo, Casino and Sports betting offers
  • Get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut. OK, this is not technically earning free cash instantly, but on certain days, that’s EVEN BETTER! They are from the “Great deal” category.

Earn free cash instantly – Is OhMyDosh legit?

After my personal test with OhMyDosh!, making £19.20 in 30min., I can say it is a legitimate way to earn free cash instantly.

It has been a safe and secure experience for me so far. In fact, it didn’t even ask for my credit card information when I signed up.

What others say about OhMyDosh!?

Don’t just take my word for it…

OhMyDosh! is highly ranked by Trustpilot. Here are what others say about it.

Tips and Tricks on using OhMyDosh!

To help you be more organized and minimize any risk, here are some tips and tricks on using OhMyDosh!…

1. Before you sign up, have a dedicated email address for OhMyDosh and all the signup activities that you will be doing. You WILL be getting lots of emails from the sites, so keeping a separate email address just for this will help you track the offers.

2. I would track all the sign up offers with a spreadsheet, and set your alarm for when you need to cancel each offer.

3. Make sure you read the instructions for each offer. I even copy and paste the instructions into my spreadsheet in case I need to reference back.

4. Some offers will require you to spend before making a profit. It’s totally OK if you don’t feel comfortable doing that. Just go for the “No spend” category, to minimize your spending, however, the number of offers are limited.

Final Thought on Ohmydosh – Will I recommend?

In conclusion, I really enjoyed my experiment on earning free cash instantly with OhMyDosh!. It was easy to use, with clear instructions for each offer, and it was fun to make some extra cash too!

While I don’t think this will turn to a full-time income, it is still a great way to make extra cash online, while saving some serious money shopping from the websites at the same time. I will continue to use OhMyDosh! to earn from their ongoing offers and as a deal search tool to save money shopping as well.

With my experience, I will recommend OhMyDosh! to anybody who wants to earn some free cash online instantly.

Over to you…

Why not give OhMyDosh a try to make some easy extra cash? You can use my link below to get your fist FREE £1 welcome bonus.

Other ways to make more free cash instantly?

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earn free cash with ohmydosh

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  1. Smoochi

    Thanks chloe  For these great article about making money online am not into online investment or affiliate marketing Making 19 pounds in 30mins is mind blowing  but i will be glad to share with my friends and family can someone make money Anywhere in world or just UK.?  Thanks for the review great stuff We appreciate 

    1. Chloe

      This opportunity is only for UK residents. Feel free to spread the words if you know any UK friends/fam. that  can benefit from this! 


  2. Samikingss

    From your review it’s clear to me that this actually works but it’s such a pity that it is only for UK residents. I have had several surveys opportunities that they all pay next to nothing. There are some others that you actually pay to join and they end up not sending you any surveys. This one would have been a great opportunity to earn some spare bucks online. There are very few that actually gives genuine surveys. Most of them just posts the surveys and tells you that it is no longer available. 

    1. Chloe

      This is an absolute legit opportunity. Sorry that you are not UK resident to be able to take the advantage, but if you know anyone who is, feel free to spread the words. 

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nimrodngy

    When I see articles on how to make money online, I read with great interest. At the moment I am a beginner and I have created my own site where I earn money through affiliate marketing. For me this is the first time I find out about this OhMyDosh platform!
    You really convinced me to sign up here. I noticed that the registration process is very short and very simple.
    I would have a question. When you cash out, can I use my Pay Pal account?

    1. Chloe


      In terms of paying out, you can use both bank transfer or Paypal. Paypal will take a slightly longer time than bank transfer. Hope that helps.


  4. Rhain

    Ohmydosh seems like a perfectly legitimate opportunity to earn extra cash online. I have to say though, my experiences in the past with similar offerings were so bad I made up my mind never to pay heed to them any longer. But from what I’ve gathered so far about the company, I think it’ll be interesting to give it a try. Thanks 

    1. Chloe

      I know it’s hard to find a site that you can earn free cash instantly and legitimately. Certainly recommend giving OhMyDosh! a go. All the best! 

  5. Parameter

    Thank you for bringing this easy cash making opportunity my way. Finding legitimate source like this is not easy and top of it is finding source ranked by big names like trust pilot rarely comes . You caught my attention on knowing that within 30 mins you had banked 19 pounds . I will bookmark it to try later

    1. Chloe

      You are very welcome. Best luck with making some free cash instantly! 

  6. MrBiizy

    Wow! Initially I thought OhMyGosh! would be another waste of time and data doing some tasks and carrying out some surveys without getting earnings worth the stress. Spoiler alert indeed and it’s really coolto see that this is legitimate and profitable too. The Excellent ratings in Trustpilot is a proof of this legitimacy and reliability too. Unfortunately, it only supports UK residents.

    1. Chloe

      It’s a great way to earn free cash instantly online for UK residents… sorry if you can’t take advantage of it but feel free to spread the words if you know anyone who is UK resident. 

  7. Md Millat

    I really enjoyed your experience with Ohmidosh about earning free cash. It was easy to use, with clear instructions on each offer, and it was fun to make some extra cash as well. I found a lot of valuable information by reading your article and I benefited from this information. Your blog has been written about how we can make cash online immediately. After reading this blog, I found ways to achieve financial independence for my family. I want to work here online and I work online I will share my experience with you. I will share this blog site on my social media so that my friends can benefit from reading this blog site.

    1. Chloe

      There are so many ways to make money online… OhMyDosh is certainly a great one for those of you who are UK residents. Thanks for spreading the words! 

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