50+ Christmas & Birthday Gift Ideas for Elderly People [2021]

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Struggle with Christmas and Birthday gift ideas for elderly people in your life? Here are 50+ thoughtful gift ideas to save your time and fit every budget. 

2020 has been a year of uncertainty and turmoil, impacted by the global pandemic. It has been particularly hard on those elderlies in our lives. Many have been isolating for months, unable to cuddle their grandchildren, see their family and friends, or get the help they need around the house.

As things are starting to get back to normality, Christmas and birthdays are the perfect time to give some much-needed attention and shower them with some thoughtful gifts making them feel extra special. 

As I was curating this long list of gift ideas for older people in our lives, I have taken the consideration of the “new normal” that we live in.

More than ever before, there are a few areas our loved elderlies need the most attention. 

  • A little something luxurious
  • Promote being active
  • Help them enjoy indoor more
  • Wellbeing
  • Connet to the world
  • Things to make their lives easier

There are gift ideas for each of the above areas, so as you are thinking about what to buy for your elderlies, it can prompt you to think about which area they need the most support. 

I’ve also steered clear of any alcohol and food-related items as many elderlies may have their own constraints.

To save you time, all of the items mentioned below can be found in this list HERE on Amazon.

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A little something luxury 

Many pensioners are frugal with their money, they hardly ever treat themselves. So a little something luxurious to upgrade what they normally buy or treating them for a special occasion can always be a winner. Here are some luxury yet affordable gift ideas for elderly people. 

Warm bed and couch Throw – This plush reversible microfiber throw will help to keep your loved elderly warm and cosy in the winter days. 

Proraso shaving set – these great shaving products are made in Italy, and this set has the pre-shave cream, shave cream (for use with a brush) and aftershave balm which gives a true classic shave experience.

Proraso beard set – or alternatively for those with a beard, this set provides a great beard shampoo, oil and balm.

Temperature control mug – This clever device keeps the coffee and tea warm at a constant temperature. Plus the mug warmer also serves as a wireless charger for the phone. 

Handmade bookmark – For the elderlies who still enjoy reading real books (rather than the digital ones), why not treat them with a luxury leather bookmark? Just a little luxury added to what they already enjoy. 

Power Lift Recliner Chair – This is a great present if you can go in with other family members. The EROMMY power lift Recliner chair has a massage feature, adjustable inclination angles and will help seniors with mobility issues to stand up much easier.

Promote being active 

There are so many physical and mental health benefits to staying active. Here are some gift ideas for elderly people perfect to encourage them to keep moving whether it is indoor or outdoor. 

New walking shoes – a great pair of shoes is a must when venturing outdoors.  These Skechers provide the perfect grip and stability for any terrain, and even help develop the stabilising muscles in the ankle and leg. While looking sharp with unisex styling.

Down Vest – A down vest can be multi-functional. It serves a great layer for outdoor, and it could be just the extra warmth you need being indoor. I like this one because it’s light-weight, machine washerable, and packable, perfect for both men and women

Sports socks (tennis, golf, walking) – people often underestimate the importance of good socks and don’t replace them often enough.  After trying many socks, I find these Nike Dry Cushion the best.

Nordic walking poles – Nordic walking has amazing benefits for elderlies. Especially it’s one exercise they can still safely do outside while social distancing. This pair of nordic walking poles are light weight, has adjustable height, and comfortable gripping makes it one of the highest rated walking poles for seniors. 

Smartwatch – A smartwatch can be a great assistant to the elderlies. Not only it keeps their daily step counts, but features like real-time heart rate monitor, notification on calls and text are also particularly handy for older people. While I don’t see the need to get the latest and greatest technology, something with a bigger screen is a must – like the Versa 2. You can also get this for a budget friendly version with many different colours to choose from. 

Raised garden beds – bending can become problematic with age.  This tiered planter solves that, and gives a great height option for planting.

3-in-1 Garden Kneeler with Tool Bag – Gardening can be relaxing but also hard on the back and knees especially for older people. This 3-in-1 garden kneeler, serves as a ground level knee pad, a chair, and it also comes with a tool bag.  

Golf Range Finder – any golfer loves anything that might help them improve.  This range finder makes a perfect gift, and is even legal for tournament play, so not just a practice tool. Other options are not always legal for tournaments, so be sure to check.

Enjoy indoor more 

With COVID-19, many elderlies are spending more time inside the house due to being in a high-risk category. Here are some gifts ideas that will keep them entertained and engaged while being indoor. 

Indoor plants – like succulents, Fishbone cactus, Bunny Ear Cactus, and Velvet Calathe. These low maintenance houseplants are so on trend right now making them a great gift, even for those without green fingers.  They also have a long list of benefits such as purifying air, reducing stress and increasing creativity.

Bonsai Tree – staying on the plant theme, as well as the benefits above the Bonsai brings a therapeutic element through trimming and can even cure sore throats, coughts, fatigue and tiredness.

Activity Book for Adults – this is a low cost gift that really helps to sharpen anyone’s mind, regardless of age.  There are many choices from colour therapy books to multi-puzzle books.

Portable DAB Radio – This DAV radio and music player is designed to bring the joy of music to people with all stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It works as a DAB and internet radio, and Bluetooth speaker. It also has an editable panel to name the stations to be right for the listener. Instead of complicated station names, just write what makes sense to you, whether it’s ‘Rock ‘n Roll’, ‘60’s Music’, ‘Jazz’ or maybe just ‘Mom’s favorites’.

Sound bar – TV’s these days are built with poor quality speakers to keep the cost and dimensions down, this results in a lack of sound quality.  Sound bars fix this and don’t cost the earth.  Check out this Bestisan option for less than $80 with 5 stars over 8k+ rating.  The depth of sound really improves the listening for those a little hard of hearing.

Wireless Headsets for TV Listening – as the hearing goes, the volume on the TV goes up and can be a source of frustration for others in the house.  These headsets work through a simple transmitter that is fitted to your TV and then allows the wearer to listen without annoying anyone else in the house.

Wireless Speaker for TV Listening – prefer something that doesn’t go directly near your ears, this clever speaker from allows you to move the sound to where you are in the room, so the TV volume does not need to be turned up high.  The tech works by amplifying the spoken voice frequency from the TV programme so it’s clearer and close to the listener.

eReader (Kindle) – been around a while, but provides a great screen that allows you to read indoor or outdoor, day or night.  Something that’s not possible with your iPad.  Even though my parents both have iPads, they prefer reading on Kindles. 

Amazon Voucher – For those who already own a Kindle, why not give them a gift voucher to purchase more books? You can choose any value for the voucher. 

Puzzles and Games – This hardcovered book contains 20 mysterious murder cases to solve. It feasures a clever die-cut cover and is illustrated in gorgeous gothic style by Stephanie von Reiswitz. Perfect mystery games for adults.

40s greatest hits – Music always brings back memories. This 1940s America’s greatest hits music collection will guarantee to put a smile (or maybe even bust out a few moves) for those elderlies who were born in that era. (Be sure to check they still have a CD player first ?)

Gift ideas for elderly people for their Wellbeing

Older people often suffer from aches and pains, or sleepless nights… Here are some gifts to help them with their wellbeing. 

Dr sock soothers – compression socks that provide foot and ankle pain relief around the sole, heel and ankle.  Please check these are suitable for the wearer before buying.

Heated Pad – Relieve pain and cramps with this heated pad. It comes with different sizes and can be used for back pain, neck, shoulder, and knee. With auto shut-off feature which makes it senior-friendly, it is also machine washable.

Weighted Blanket – again linked to relaxation at night to promote a good nights sleep.  The weight replicates a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation which relaxes the nervous system.

Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers – foot massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain.  These slippers help to provide this just by walking around.  Can be painful at first if your feet are tight, but this passes or can be eased by wearing socks.

Non Skid Socks – With sticky grippers, these non-skid socks prevent slip and fall for the elderly. The design is suitable for both men and women.

Connect to the world

Amazon echo show or google home – Watch video flash briefings, Amazon Video, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, browse and listen to Audible audiobooks, and more. All hands-free — just ask.

Wi-Fi digital photo frame: Our parents always ask for the latest photos of our girls but they quickly run out of space for the frames. This wifi digital frame, you can instantly send and share the latest photos from your phone to their lounge. 

Things to make life easier 

As our parents get older, simple day-to-day tasks become just that bit harder to do… Things like bending down, tying shoe laces, opening a jar, cleaning etc. There are some thoughtful gift ideas just to make their lives a bit easier. 

Magnifying glass – my grandfather used a magnifying glass for reading as his eyesight worsened.  These days they come equipped with anti glare LED lights to help as the vision fades.

Extra Long Shoe Horn – exactly as you would imagine. I would go for the steel option when buying a long shoe horn.

Spectacle (Glasses) Holder – lost glasses are an almost occurrence.  Helpout with providing holders that can be used when not wearing the glasses. I love this wooden moustached option.

House Cleaning or garden-care service – Many older people are starting to find house cleaning, mowing lawns increasingly difficult. Arranging house cleaning services or garden care service as a one-time deal or an ongoing basis can be a practical and thoughtful gift. 

No tie shoelaces – never tie your trainers again! Originally aimed at the younger generation but a great idea for the elderly.  Hickies are the original and best.

Flash Speed Mop – lightweight, quick and easy to use. Basically use a wet wipe for the floor. Way cheaper and easier than using a steam cleaner for the elderly generation.

Memory Foam Non-slip Slippers – a classic present but senior-friendly.  Avoid the slippery leather-soled options, instead, look for ultra-comfy memory foam options with rubber non-slip soles.

Motion sensor plug in lights – as you age the night time visits to the bathroom increase.  The last thing you want is your loved one tripping while trying to find their way in the dark.  These plug in lights smartly angle to down to provide low level lighting.

DrainStix – No more harsh chemicals to clean your drain. Thes clever little sticks contain enzymes that dissolve all the gunk in your drains. Dropping one stick in the drain per month will keep your drain flowing and fresh.

Emergency SOS device – falls and other emergencies often become a significant risk with age. Make sure your loved ones have a way to attract attention.

Air Fryer – Make those fried food healthier with this stylish Air Fryer. There are many senior-friendly features such as light weight, simple to use and has an auto-shut off function.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop – this is an expensive gadget but could make such a difference as chores get that bit harder with age.  The latest versions have both vacuum and mop features, multi-level capability and connect to Alexa.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat – the smart Google Nest thermostat learns the heating patterns for the house, allowing the home to be heated efficiently. It also connects to phones to know when you are out to avoid heating an empty home.

Jar, Bottle and Ring Pull Opener – this helpful kitchen gadget makes it easy to open a wide range of jars, bottles and ring pull cans.  Especially useful as grips weaken with age or arthritis.

Password NoteBook for Seniors – nevermind seniors, who remember all their passwords? This discrete book provides an alphabetical system to store all those online usernames and passwords.

Portable Item Locator – help to find lost items around the house.  This set comes with 2 receivers and a transmitter. Colour coded to help you find either the blue tracker or red tracker.

Handheld Vacuum – This cordless, ultra lightweight handheld vacuum is perfect for use in the car or for every nook and cranny around the house.

Final Thought on 50+ Gift Ideas for Elderly People

So there you have it, my list of 50+ gift ideas for the elderly people in your life.  Pulling this list together has actually helped us as a family, to be more thoughtful and considerate when giving gifts to our parents. 

Rather than always plumping for booze and chocolates because we can’t think of anything else or the elderlies say they don’t need anything. I hope you find this useful and would love to hear what additional items you find.

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