25 Cheap but thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20 [2020]

25 Cheap but thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20 [2020]

Looking for cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts ideas this year, so you can embrace the holiday spirit of giving without breaking the bank?

As Christmas is around the corner, giving presents will be on your mind and maybe even stressing you out for many reasons. What do I buy? How much do I spend? How do I show I care while staying within a budget? and How do I avoid the gift cards again?…

Before your stress spirals out of control, my friend, here is a little help for your festive season – 25 Cheap but thoughtful Christmas Gifts Ideas. In fact, they are perfect for any occasion needing a gift.  

Nothing on the list is above £20!!!

For me buying a gift for someone is only half of the equation of gift-giving. The other part is the thought process of coming up with the right gift for the right person. 

So here are 5 rules I go by, when it comes to cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas:

  • Add a little luxury. Buy something you know the person would love but is just a little too expensive for everyday purchase.
  • Don’t buy what they already have! This makes complete sense when written down but how many times does this happen?
  • Think about what the person really enjoys and relate the gift to that.
  • Don’t buy cheap tat!
  • Avoid humorous gifts. They stay humorous for a very short period, then what do you do with it?

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1. A New Gin

After the gin industry has boomed, there are literally hundreds to choose from. Play it safe with a classic dry, or depending on their taste go for something a little different.  They are also generally on offers on the higher end gins, bringing them in the price range.

Plymouth (£20) – the gin first used to make the martini! A true classic.

2. Scrabble Frame

A friend of ours bought us this gift many years ago and it has been something that always gives us a smile. 

Scrabble Family Names Framed (£19.99)

3. Lego Figure Frame

Embraced the superhero of someone in your life with these Lego figure frames. Guaranteed wall space. This Deadpool version is great, but make sure you have the relationship to send this particular one.  Or the classic Princess Leia and Han Solo for the anniversary.

Deadpool Figure ‘Stay Weird’ Shadow Box Picture Frame (£22.95)

Han Solo Princess Leia Figures ‘I Love You I Know’ Shadow Box Picture Frame (£24.95)

(Ok, these 2 slightly went over the £20 mark, but trust me, they are worth it)

4. Happy Socks

I first bought these for my husband as he was an early adopter of colourful socks.  These days all the family have them. I don’t know what it is, but they do make you happy!

Happy Socks I Love You Gift Box – 3 Pack (£14.99)

5. Italian Cut Glass

My husband bought these exact glasses, based on the look and the fact they matched his expensive whiskey glasses.  The expectations were low due to the price, but when they arrived we both loved them, and they are now our go to glass for GnT’s. The best part?

They are dishwasher safe! 

Brillante Hi-Ball Tumblers, 370 ml, Set of 6, Glass (£16.99)

6. Magnetic Tool Wristband

Annoyingly marketed as a tool for men (so must have been marketed by a tool :-/ ) but this handy invention is a must for those who love DIY and a gadget at the same time.

Magnetic Wristband Best DIY Gift (£10.99)

7. Bike Tool

You would be amazed how many times you need one of these, for making adjustments to the kids’ bikes, or even fixing your friends pedal when it drops off.  This is a quality item from the renowned Swedish tool make Bacho.

Bahco BIKETOOL Bike Pocket Tool, Multi-Colour (£10.38)

8. Star Wars Patent Prints

We have several Star Wars lovers in the family. They all love these patent prints that even pass my test of artwork that can go up.  These retro line drawings of the machines are uber cool.

Star Wars Patent Prints Art – Set Of 4 (£10)

9. Face Roller Massager and Gua Sha Beauty Tool

Welcome to the latest crave for skin care – Gua sha. This affordable system will help to reduce puffiness around the eyes, improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relax facial muscles and release stress.

Natural Rose Quartz Face Roller Massager and Gua Sha Beauty Tool for Skin Care (£17.89)

10. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The gift that’s good for the planet, stylish and if the person actually uses it, saves them money as they reduce the bottled water they buy. Chilli’s is the go to brand for quality, size options, and funky designs. (Look for an alternative) 

720°DGREE Stainless Steel Water Bottle 530ml – Leakproof, BPA-Free, Insulated Flask (£19.97)

11. Mini Diffuser

The modern version of the oil burner tea light candle thing you had years ago.  This up to date tech version is a great addition for the bedroom.  I add a little lavender oil to help me sleep at night.

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

VicTsing 150Ml Essential Oil Diffuser (£18.99)

12. Face Packs

Theses are perfect for a little home spa indulgence.  There are hundreds of options, but if you are willing and trust me… Go for these snail face masks from Korea.  The Korean’s take face products very seriously.  You will love the results.

Korean Face Masks Snail Jelly Face Mask (£16.99)

13. Bluetooth Eyemask

Why not help someone in your life to have a perfect night’s sleep with this bluetooth eyemask? Yep, you heard me right. With this clever device, they can now incorporate relaxing music or meditation apps to help them drift off – without annoying their partners 🙂

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

3D Upgraded Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask (£18.59)

14. Scented Candle

Ok here it’s all about quality and not size.  Quality candles are just a different league. I love NEST candles.

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

Nest Fragrances Votive Candle (£18)

15. Moleskine Notebook

These things are so popular and the only thing my husband will use.  Consider the paper style for different users. Lined for the writers, plain for the artists, grid for the more technical. There are loads of special editions or themed versions to make it even more personal.

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

Moleskine White Large Ruled Notebook Hard (£12.38)

16. Lamy Mechanical Pencil

So many people write in pen, but there is something about using a pencil.  Any artists, designer, or technical person will appreciate this stylish gift.

Lamy AL-Star 1228018 Mechanical Pencils 0.7 Model 171 Black (£19.05)

17. Wine

How often do you look for the latest offer in the supermarket, spending £6-10 on a bottle. 

Well for a little more you can get truly fantastic wines.  It’s commonly said a £20 wine is leagues above the £6-10 bracket, and then you need to spend above £200 to get to the next league.  These options from the world-famous Berry Brothers & Rudd of London should impress!

18. Olive Oil & Balsamic Set

Nothing better than a quality set of cold-pressed olive oil and balsamic vinegar to go with crusty bread for dipping.

Cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Greek Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set (£18.90)

19. BBQ Sauce

Liven up any meats with these award winning sauces.

Sauce Shop BBQ Sauce 3-Pieces Gift Box (£11)

20. Pass The Pigs

This is such a fun and underrated game that all the family can play. It even helps with improving maths, and small enough to take anywhere.  We love it. Our kids even talk to the pigs to try and get the pigs to bring home the bacon!

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

Pass the Pigs Dice Game (£6.67)

Socially distanced version – where 4 players get a set of pigs 🙂

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

Pass the Pigs Party Dice Game (£14.99)

21. Paul & Joe Nail Polish Remover

The difference here is, this won’t be tucked in a drawer.  This looks so good it will get a place on your vanity or make up area.

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

PAUL & JOE Nail Enamel Remover 100 ml (£11.50)

22. Luxury Lip Balm

Know someone with constantly chapped lips? This has been my go-to lip balm for years. A little tube goes a long way.

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas


23. Indoor Plant

Perfect addition to any home, bringing the outside in, and purifying the air in the house.

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

Unique Monstera Swiss Cheese Plant (£14.99)

24. Charging Dock

Do you know someone with a kitchen corner full of charging cables for all the family devices? Of course you do. 

Well, here is a clever solution to help tidy that corner!

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station (£16.98)

25. Makeup Brushes Cleaner

Every beauty guru on youtube says that you gotta clean your makeup brushes often but who has time for that? Treat your girlfriends to this time-saving gadget to clean those dirty brushes in no time.

cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

LIKUCHE Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer-Fast Electric Brush Cleaner (£16.99)

Final thought on 25 Cheap but thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20 [2020]

So here you have it, 25 cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for this holiday season. Remember, giving gifts is not just about buying, it’s about making an effort into thinking what the person enjoys and needs.

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but when you can put a smile on someone’s face with the right gift, that, is truly the joy of gifting.

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Cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift ideas under £20

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  1. Pranali

    That’s an awesome list of Christmas gift ideas under 20!! I love the idea of Magnetic Tool Wrist band, it will come really handy for someone i know.  I love DIY ideas and this one is perfect. 

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    I cannot believe that this year is almost over, this pandemic really took the time away and fast! Most of us, including myself have to watch out with our spending but we also want to enjoy the joy of gifting as well. Thanks for these budget friendly amazing ideas! You are so right about humorous gift, it stays funny for a short period of time and no longer has its purpose. I am loving this magnetic tool wrist band! My guy friends and so my husband will go berserk of this! Water bottle is also a nice gift. I am trying to save the world by telling people to stop using plastic bottle! Pass the pig is also a nice one and yes to the indoor plants! Thanks again for the ideas! I ‘m loving them. 

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      Glad there are a few gift ideas that you can already relate to people who may enjoy in your life. Giving Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you put some thought into it =) 

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