37 Things to Buy From Aldi UK to Save on Food Bill [and Better than Big Brands]

You are currently viewing 37 Things to Buy From Aldi UK to Save on Food Bill [and Better than Big Brands]

Wondering what things to buy from Aldi [UK] that will save you big on food bill? 

If you live in the UK and have not been shopping in Aldi on a regular basis, you are missing a big trick!

Even if you are an Aldi regular shopper, are you missing out on the highly raved, cheaper and better items?

Do you know…

In this post, not only will you learn how Aldi manages to sell good quality products while keeping the price affordable, you will get a list of things to buy from Aldi to save on food bills, and are even BETTER than the big brands.

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It’s worth to mention that I am not affiliated with Aldi in ANY way or form, I am simply a mum who loves value for money and want to help others to do the same.

How Does Aldi Manage to be Affordable While Remaining High Quality?

Aldi’s promise is to “Provide value and quality to our customers by being fair and efficient in all we do”.

How do they do that?

Reduce cost where possible

Waaaay before “bringing your own shopping bag” was a thing, Aldi was the ONLY store that did not provide free plastic bags. By encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags, and take the store recycled cardboard boxes is one of the ways to reduce the cost.

You may also notice that there are often a lot less staff in-store comparing to other grocers. Yes, that also means you have to put the shopping cart back to get your £1 back. This is another way Aldi does to keep their overhead cost low.


Aldi also uses a system called “just-in-time” delivery. The orders are placed by each store the night before based on the analytics of that day. Not only does this ensure the freshest products for the customers but also reduces the cost of inventory for the store.

Up to 60% of Aldi’s fruits and veggies are locally sourced. The store’s entire core range of fresh meat and milk is from British, Red Tractor approved farms. This is the store’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint while providing great quality of foods. So next time when you are enjoying a juicy piece of steak, there’s something else you can feel good about.

The cost and time-efficient ways that Aldi operates is the reason they can pass the savings to shoppers like us. 

I hope you will feel less annoyed next time you have to put your shopping cart back in the rain, knowing that you have just saved on your food bill =)

You can always find a cheaper alternative when it comes to shopping, but items that are cheaper but equal if not BETTER in quality is what I call it WIN-WIN. The list I’m about to share with you is just that – 37 Things to buy from Aldi, not only you can save money on the food bill, but they are BETTER than the big brands.

So without further ado, let’s get to the list.

37 Things to Buy From Aldi to Save on Food Bill [and Better than the Big Brands]


#1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Rather than list out every single item, I will include all seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. They are typically 1/3 of the price comparing with competitors. This is because up to 60% of their fresh fruits and vegetables are locally sourced.

The order is placed the night before based on the purchasing data from previous day to ensure the freshness of the produce.

That’s why you often store staff restocking up in the produce aisle.


Being named the Meat & Fish Retailer of the year since 2017, you should definitely check out things to buy from Aldi in this category to save on food bill.

#2. 36 Day Scotch Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak

Steak and Chips are our regular Sunday Dinner. The 21 day Scotch Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak is to die for. At £3.69 for a 227g steak (£16.26/kg), you won’t save a huge amount, but I think the taste is better than the ones we get from the butcher.

#3. Hunter’s Chicken

This is NO. 1 rated products from Aldi’s own brand by shoppers. This costs £2.99 a pack of two, instead of the equivalent Tescos’ 2 Hunters Chicken Breasts for £3.75.

With some veggie and potato, you can easily keep a meal for 2 under £4!

#4. 5% Fat Minced Pork

I struggle to find this lean minced pork elsewhere. When I do, it’s a lot more expensive. Minced pork is so versatile. It makes a great spaghetti bolognese, chilli and meatballs. Our personal favourite is the Thai Minced Pork Salad (Laab).

#5. Bramley Apple Pork Sausages

This is one of my children’s favourites – Bramely Apple Pork Sausages. While it tastes amazing, at £1.99 per pack of 6, it beats the equvienlant Tesco’s Finest Pork Sausages £2.75 out of the park on price.

Yes, Tesco has sales on occasionally on these sausages at £2.00, but if you are not lucky, you will be paying more for less flavour.

#6. Thai Fish Cakes

If you like your food with a twist of exotic flavour, Oh my god, it is the BOM!

It also makes a great quick meal for those week nights you can’t bother to cook.

Stick these in the oven for 20min., along with some oven chips and mushy peas, makes a great quick and easy dinner.

At £1.89 for a pack of 2, it makes another quick and easy meal for 2 under £3.

#7. Ham Trimmings

Sandwich ham can be expensive.

If you don’t care about your ham slices being the perfect shape, Aldi’s Ham Trimmings are a great way to save you money while getting a great quality of meat.

I prefer these much better than the other packed ham, as I found often other brands, for the same price, are full of water and additives.

While you are ONLY paying £1.89 a pack (£0.47/100g) vs. Tescos’ Cooked Ham at 1.60/100g, the downside is that, the Aldi’s ham trimmings are not usually consistent in the thickness, and it only has 3-5 days of fridge life.

#8. Sweet Potato Fries

This is one made it to the Best Aldi own-brand product as rated by shoppers list.

At £1.69 a bag (3.38/kg), the Brits agree that it beats McCain’s Sweet Potato Fries (£5.20/kg) on the price and taste.

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I’ve been REALLY impressed by Aldi’s Specially Selection cheeses. In fact, for the last two Christmas, our family guests have been raving about our cheese board, when I secretly switched from the cheese shop to Aldi’s (and paid a fraction of the price). 

Here are the 2 that I highly recommend.

#9. Mature Blue Stilton (£1.49)

#10. Vintage Cheddar (£1.99)

#11. Greek Style Yoghurt (£1.69)

Aldi vs. Muller greek yogurt
Source: Claire Pennell’s Instagram pic, when she put Aldi vs. Muller Greek Yogurt side by side

If you are a fan of Müller yogurt, I got good news for you!

Müller makes Aldi’s yogurt just with a “Brooklea” logo and half of the price.

#12. ACTIVE Rhubarb Yogurt Pk4

This yogurt packed with billions of live and active cultures that will keep your digestive system smooth.

Instead of paying for the branded Activia for £2 on a pack of 4, you can pay for Aldi’s dupe for £0.89 for the same amount.

#13. Aldi Norpak Butter

Another house stable that the savings can rack up quickly over time.

At £1.99 for 500g, Aldi’s Norpak tastes just as good comparing with £3 Lurpack in Sainsbury’s.


Breakfast stables and snacks make a big chunk of the shopping list, which is why you can save big on food bill if you buy these things from Aldi. 

#14. Wheat Bisks

Weetabix is a breakfast cult, especially for those who are on Slimming World (me too!). But they are £3 a box elsewhere, whereas the Aldi’s Wheat Bisks is a £1.89 for the same stuff.

#15. Aldi Benefit vs Special K

For those who are Special K fan, try Aldi’s Benefit. Not only you pay less for more£0.99 per 375g box vs. £2 per 300g box in Tesco, apparently Benefit tastes less sweet.

#16. The Sea Salt Savoury Crackers

This is another cult favourite in our household. The thin, light and crispy crackers make a perfect companion with Aldi’s extra mature cheddar cheese, and grapes. 

#17. Teddy Faces

Also known as the pom bears for the branded snack, my kids much prefer these little Teddy Faces as they are “yummier” and have more in a bag.

#18. Light Crisps Variety 6 Pack (£0.99, 66p/100g)

I love these Light Crisps Variety 6 Pack (£0.99) as they are lower in fat, small in portion and taste amazing. It comes in Lightly Salted, Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar flavours. So you can indulge in a pack without the guilt.

As for the branded Walkers Variety Crisps 6 Pack, it’s sold at £1.50 in Tesco and worse for you.

#19. Specially Selected Salt and Vinegar Crisps (0.85, 56.7/100g)

If you prefer the full-fat proper crisps, the specially selected Salt & Vinegar Crisps are WAAAAY better than the Kettle version. Not only it’s less than half of the price, it is crispier and tastier.

#20. Chilli Roasted Peanuts

This is another one that will save you a lot if you like peanuts. A pack of KP chilli peanuts is a whopping £2.50, whereas Aldi’s version is 99p.

#21. Aldi Jaffa Cakes

Another example on value for money and quality – 79p for 24 vs McVities’ £1.05 for 10 in Waitrose.

Here’s what happy custom say…

Things to buy from Aldi - Jaffa Cake

#22. Coconut Oil

There are so many health benefits of using coconut oil for cooking instead of butter and other types of oil, but coconut oil can be expensive.

A 250g jar of coconut oil is typically between £5-7, whereas you can get a 300g jar from Aldi for £1.55. Sometimes they even put offers on top of that!


For those who are into your superfoods, Aldi carries both “Funktional Foods” range and “the Foodie Market” range that are much more affordable than getting from other stores. 

Although Aldi doesn’t have them in stock all the time, so stock up when you do see them.

Here are a few that I buy on a regular basis:

#23. The Funktional Foods Cacao Powder

It is £1.99 vs. £3 at Tesco.

#24. The Functional Foods Spirulina Powder

It costs £2.49 vs. £4.49 for the equivalent in Holland&Barrett. 

#25. The Foodie Market Whole Chia Seeds

This is £1.25 comparing with £2.99 for a similar item in Holland&Barrett.

Superfoods are great things to buy from Aldi that super charges your diet without breaking the bank. 


Now on to the GOOD stuff…

Alcohol choices can be personal. Aldi has been stepping up on their alcohol selection over recent years. The list below is a list approved by my wine snob hubby…

#26. Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut (£12.49) things to buy from Aldi

#27. Castellore Prosecco Spumante DOC (£5.99)

#28. Coteaux Varois-en-Provence Rosé (£6.49)

#29. Freeman’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc (£5.99)

A go-to white for us when having seafood or salad. Easy to drink on its own as well.

#30. French Roussanne (£5.99)

This one was recommended by the Telegraph.

#31. Wrangler Zinfandel 2017 (£6.99)

Another one made to the Telegraph recommended list, however, I have not able to spot it in my local store.

#32. Aldi Topaz Blue Premium Gin vs Bombay Sapphire

This is a highly rated dupe but I have yet to try. For a 70cl bottle, it only cost £13.99 instead of £21 Bombay Sapphire from Asda. Both have an ABV of 40%.

As I was doing my shop this week, I’ve bought a bottle, so will give you an update once I have put it to the test.

#33. Tonic Water

Although this is not an alcoholic drink, you can’t have Gin without Tonic water. Aldi’s Tonic water is another preferred choice over branded Schweppes’ tonic water. For a litre bottle, Aldi’s is 1/5 of the price of Schweppes’…

We go through an average of 10 bottles a month (yes, I even drink on its own). By buying Aldi’s version, we save over £140 a year just on tonic water!

So if you are a G&T lover, Gin and Tonic water are definitely the 2 things to buy from Aldi that will save you big on food bill.


Apart from food, there are house goods that you need on a regular basis. These essentials can get expensive, which is why these should definitely be the things to buy from Aldi if you want to save on overall food bill.

Aldi’s baby product range – Mamia has been named “Loved By Parents Awards” 5 years in a row.

As a parent of 2 young children, I think this is a well-deserved award.

I did a quick calculation… by using Aldi’s Mamia nappies and wipes raising 2 children, I have saved £1,080 in total.

That’s a holiday!

#34. Mamia Baby Nappies

We have tried all the brands under the sun, Aldi’s Mamia is the ONLY one that prevents leakage! That on its own is enough to persuade parents with younger children, but on top of that, it is a quarter of the price compared to Pampers.

From the calculation I did above, based on a child that uses nappies up to the age of 2, by using Mamia nappies, you can save £434 per child.

#35. Mamia Baby Wipes

The Mamia baby wipes are just as good as their nappies. They are big in size, thick, and not soaked in water. The plastic cap also keeps the wipes moist for longer, instead of the sticky tape closure that loses the stickiness after a couple of uses.

With all of these features, it’s only half of the price as a pack of Huggies.

#36. Magnum Special All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets

At £4.99 for 70 tablets, this is much cheaper than the branded Finish Quantum All in One 30 tablets for £5!

#37. No.1 Lime, Basil & Mandarin Glass Candle

This is one of Aldi’s raved dupes.

While I would spend money on Jo Malone perfume, but somehow I struggle to justify paying £44 for its candle. For £3.49, you can get Aldi’s No. 1 Lime, Basil & Mandarin Glass Candle which look, feel and smell the same.

Perhaps the money you saved on candles you can use on a nice bottle fo Jo Malone perfume =)

Final Thoughts on 37 Things to Buy from Aldi UK…

So here you have it. 37 things to buy from Aldi UK to not only save you money on the food bill but actually better than the big brands.

I’d love to to hear from you in the comments below on which items you have tried from Aldi that is cheaper and better?

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  1. Courtney

    I live on the west coast of California so we don’t have an Aldi’s near us. We have what’s called Costco. They are huge and sell in bulk sizes to reduce costs. There is no buying a bottle of shampoo, you buy three. A pack of toilet paper is in a package of 36 rolls. They sell food, alcohol, baby products, Tag Heuer watches, diamond engagement rings, clothing, tires for your car, televisions and more. You cant go in with a budget because you will always see something else you have to have. The prices are always lower than every store an its inventory is unreal. It’s much too big for me. I don’t want to spend three hours in a store. I prefer a smaller more intimate shopping experience. I have seen some Aldi TV commercials so maybe they are thinking of building a few here. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

    1. Chloe

      It’s definitely a different shopping experience shopping in Costco (I use to live in the US). As you said, Aldi is a much smaller store and limited in brand choices, but what they have, they do well. Hopefully, the German grocer will extend their footprint to where you are soon! Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. Melissa

    Great post! I go to Aldi around once a month for a “top up” shop. I agree with a lot of these choices, especially some of the wines! To the list I would add their own brand croissants and pain au chocolat, as well as their mini chocolate trifles in a pack of 3, that definitely give the cadbury version a run for their money!

    1. Chloe

      Thanks for the additional recommendations. I treat myself with the M&S chocolate trifles while they are on offer, now I will have to give the Aldi ones a try!

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